The Coburg Cow's large chocolate milk container in West Ashley took a spill during the storm Saturday but there's no use crying over it.

The cow itself, a West Ashley landmark since 1959, has weathered many a storm and vandal over the years and there it was Monday still standing tall on its 10-foot-high platform overlooking Savannah Highway.

The bottle wasn't so lucky. Photos of the windswept container first started appearing Saturday afternoon even as it was still raining, evoking everything from concern to light-hearted jokes among people on Facebook.

"Chocolate milk was everywhere," joked Dan Weeks on Facebook after posting a picture on Facebook.

The container was later seen hanging from the platform so the Charleston Fire Department was called to help take it down, Charleston police spokesman Charles Francis said.

The bottle was taken to the department where it remained Monday afternoon. Officials from Borden Dairy, which vowed to maintain the cow when it bought Coburg in 2011, were expected to pick it up. A Borden spokesman couldn't be reached Monday to say whether the bottle will be repaired or replaced.

The damage was just another chapter in the sign's long and storied past. There have actually been three cows over the years. Every holiday residents drive by to see how it's been decorated and its Facebook page has more than 2,000 friends.

It has also been vandalized several times over the years, with the tail - it was once sawed off and welded back upside-down - being the most popular target.

In 1990, the cow was damaged and a Citadel cadet was hurt while trying it. It was taken down for repairs and later returned during a dedication ceremony led by Citadel cadets. Barriers and a brightly lit sign have helped cut down on the vandalism in recent years.

Now if there was only something that could be done about the wind.

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