Ross Perot returns

Former presidential hopeful Ross Perot will be making his second visit to the Lowcountry in the past 10 months, this time to support the Medal of Honor Museum project at Patriots Point for what's expected to be the start of a major fundraising drive.

Perot will be in Mount Pleasant on Sept. 5 to view the site where the estimated $125 million project is slated to go.

The Texas billionaire will take a leading role, said Rudi Gresham, a longtime Perot supporter who is part of the MOH Foundation.

Gresham, who lives in Walterboro, has known Perot for 35 years.

Retired Marine Corps Maj. Gen. James Livingston, a Medal of Honor recipient of Mount Pleasant, said Perot's involvement in the fundraising portion of the museum "demonstrates that this thing is a go."

Perot's last public visit to the region was in November to deliver the keynote Veterans Day address to residents of the Veterans Victory House in Walterboro. The MOH museum is currently housed inside the aircraft carrier Yorktown.

Gay marriage group to push GOP on issue

Mirroring efforts in Iowa and other early presidential primary states, the goal is to get young, middle-of-the-road Republicans to seek delegate spaces for the 2016 national convention, in Cleveland.

A prime objective includes trying to lessen some of the anti-gay rhetoric in the party platform.

Also, with courts repeatedly striking down bans on gay marriage in various other states - and the issue likely moving toward the U.S. Supreme Court - others see it as a of way of clearing a path for some Republican candidates to become more openly relaxed in their views on gay marriage, by saying the nation's courts will decide the issue.

Tyler Deaton, campaign manager for Freedom to Marry, said a target demographic is conservatives under 40 who don't see gay marriage as an issue or that the government should have a role in who can wed.

"It really hurts the Republican image with millions of voters around the country," Deaton said of anti-gay stances on the part of the GOP.

Sanford goes surfing

With Congress on break for five weeks of vacation, the Lowcountry's U.S. Rep. Mark Sanford got to do a little surfing last week on the Isle of Palms with his sons.

At 54, Sanford, R-S.C., said he still enjoys the sport when the opportunity arises. "Don't put me in a wheelchair just yet," he said.

"I'm a little less agile than I used to be, but it goes with the territory," Sanford said.

Graham gives Riley a shout-out

Republican U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham was in Charleston last week talking to a downtown business group where he mentioned the longevity records of some of the state's leading politicians, including his predecessor, Strom Thurmond.

But he gave a special nod to Charleston Mayor Joe Riley, who is leaving office next year after four decades at the helm.

"I've never met anybody that loves their job more than Joe," Graham said. "He loves this city and he'll be a tough act to follow."