Charleston County

The transactions listed below include properties sold for $200,000 or more and recorded between July 14-18.


TDS of Charleston LLC sold 1442 Chandler Road to Emily G. and Damon B. Padgett for $209,336.

The Ryland Group Inc. sold 1311 Paint Horse Court, Pepper Plantation to Joseph H. Farrell III and Sharon B. Farrell for $326,535.

David A. and Roberta C. Davey sold 1328 Eden Road, Paradise Island to Michael J. Tavener and Carolwayne Dorsett for $565,000.


Richard G. and Kathryn E. Sequerth sold Unit B, 38 Ashley Ave. to Heidi J. and Robert G. Herman for $565,000.

Lesli R. Seta sold Unit 514, 150 Bee St., Bee Street Lofts to Gary and Elizabeth Durante for $274,000.

Richard M. and Marina Weathers sold 27 Chapel St. to Thomas English McCutchen IV and Raven Roxanne Wilson for $830,000.

Jennifer LePage sold 6 Elmwood Ave., Hampton Park Terrace to Brock A. Schnute for $385,000.

E. Delance and Robi Poston sold 161 King St. to 161 King Street Partners LLC for $1.6 million.

Karen Cockerell sold 16 Parrothead Lane, Lowndes Pointe to Marcelino Yera-Paez for $225,000.

Eric Peth sold 16 Peachtree St. to Thomas L. Bessent for $279,000.

Marc J. Engelke sold 306 President St. to Zachary D. Childress and David J. Astaphan for $369,000.

Robert A. Prenner sold 90 Queen St. to Ball 3 LLC for $748,000.

G.T. Little sold 280 Rutledge Ave. to BKZ LLC for $675,000.

Caldwell Sikes Ragan sold 154 Tradd St. to Abigail S. and David M. Blackman for $660,000.


Elizabeth D. and William B. Kerrigan sold 5466 5th Fairway Drive, Stono Ferry Plantation to Donald Rhea for $275,000.

Isle of Palms

Kathryn M. Edwards sold 2906 Hartnett Blvd. to Roger Bilodeau for $310,000.

Folly Beach

Martha B. Herring and Jennifer T. Black sold 917 West Ashley Ave. to Ross L. Curnett for $865,000.

James Island

Anne M. Overton sold 713 Clearview Drive, Clear View to Lauren J. and Luke F. Pope-Corbett for $258,000.

Landrise Development Inc. sold 972 Dills Bluff Road to Sherman J. and Barbara W. Cohn for $215,000.

Daniel N. Cavis sold 442 Martello Drive, Dogwood Park to James C. Meadors Jr. for $245,000.

John F. and Marie C. Waters sold 1634 Means St., Dogwood Park to Sabrina D. O'Kennon for $259,457.

Stephen D. and Kara L. Browder sold 1453 Swamp Fox Lane, Jamestowne Village to David C. and Elizabeth G. Hendricks for $285,000.

Sarah Ann Marguerite Draffin sold 829 Weir St., Lawton Bluff to Michael T. Kerrigan for $273,000.

Brian and Andrea Cohen sold 1001 Jamsie Cove Drive, Lawton Harbor to Elizabeth A. Briggs for $330,000.

Magnolia Building and Renovation LLC sold 700 Majestic Oak Drive, Majestic Oaks at Seaside Plantation to Adam Hedges and Anjali Shah for $327,000.

Christopher M. and Kelly C. Harris sold 983 Clearspring Drive, Ocean Neighbors to Howard A. and Faith K. Cohen for $291,000.

Michael E. Bradley sold 994 Stono River Drive, Riverland Crossing to Michael and Cornelia Motsinger for $215,000.

Monocle Investments LLC sold 945 Dills Bluff Road, South Riverview to Charles P. and Caitlin Q. Webb for $212,000.

Edna M. O'Brien sold 943 Mikell Drive, Stiles Point to Paul and Rebecca K. Ainslie for $245,000.

Johns Island

Ruby L. Goodrich Casa sold 6045 Chisolm Road to Don A. Parsons for $220,000.

Robert A. and Sara M. Frye sold 1548 Headquarters Plantation Drive, Headquarters Island Plantation to Daniel E. and Linda N. Hydrick for $575,000.

Anne K. Kelley sold 1631 Headquarters Plantation Drive, Headquarters Island Plantation to Jason B. and Samantha T. Goldberg for $505,000.

Emil Leskanic sold 4342 Hope Plantation Drive, Hope Plantation to Jeffrey L. and Linda S. Swinhart for $300,000.

William Raymond Sohn sold 1658 Langston Road, Island Estates to Caroline and Thomas Baggett for $202,000.

Aaron M. and Rory E. Gruler sold 2943 Waterleaf Road, The Gardens at Whitney Lake to Harold and Mary Ann Sandie for $335,000.

Van Smith Co. Inc. sold 1525 Brownswood Road to Mungo Homes Coastal Division LLC for $1.2 million.

Kiawah Island

Patrick K. Donnelly and Meredith Michelle Smith sold 4320 Sea Forest Drive, Windswept Villas to Lee D. Brading for $1.3 million.

Scott H. and Caroline M. McMann sold 4597 Park Lake Drive, Parkside Villas to Peter J. Fabricant and Patricia L. Hartnett for $363,000.

Carol H. Beeson sold 4300 Sea Forest Drive, Windswept Villas to Eugene J. Chandler II and Lynn F. Chandler for $994,650.

Kevin P. and Gail M. Kology sold 205 Horned Grebe Court, Egret Pintail to Paul and Kimberly Anuszkiewicz for $1.4 million.

Brian L. and Kendra S. Darnell sold 272 Doral Open, Plantation Woods South to Donald and Carolyn C. Degolyer for $2.2 million.

Robert J. Reger Jr. sold 35 Berkshire Hall, Plantation Woods South to Mary Nelle Mannix for $600,000.

Susan Ralston sold 118 Pleasant Valley, Plantation Woods South to Pravin and Wanda Karia for $252,500.

John S. and Jill S. Chalsty sold 1 Royal Beach Drive, Royal Beach Club to Surfsong Beach LLC for $6 million.

313 Glen Eagle LLC sold 313 Glen Eagle, Plantation Woods South to William J. and Sherry L. Nemesi for $800,000.

Mount Pleasant/ East Cooper

Ventura Place LLC sold Unit H, 705 Ventura Place, Ventura Villas to Annette J. Remsburg for $210,000.

Steven and Laura Brooks sold Unit 18H, 1805 Tennyson Row to Roberta C. Davey for $326,250.

Tammy and James Krehbiel sold 425 Bank St. to Nick A. Collins III for $272,000.

Scott Frazier sold 634 Bridlewood Lane to Richard Blake Bailey for $253,000.

Weekley Homes LLC sold 1555 Watoga Way, Carolina Park to Anneliese and David S. Sansom for $421,831.

Jonathan H. and Anita M. Mueller sold 3123 Linksland Road, Charleston National Country Club to James J. and Ellen N. Storch for $342,450.

Bluestein Brothers II LLC sold 1266 Llewellyn Road, Chelsea Park to Mark D. and Elizabeth A. Bystry for $300,000.

David R. and Diane Costa sold 3421 Toomer Kiln Circle, Coatbridge at Park West to Terry L. Malia for $427,000.

Stewart B. and Kimberly A. Gurley sold 359 Commonwealth Road to Kipper L. and Emily T. Linville for $500,000.

Donald J. Cameron sold 680 Pelzer Drive, Cooper Estates to Kevin B. and Summer G. Landers for $400,000.

Jessica Yates Williams sold 1452 Cypress Pointe Drive, Cypress Pointe of Dunes West to Christopher G. and Kira Talerico for $320,000.

1341 Old Georgetown Road LLC sold 1341 Old Georgetown Road, Dolly Pines to 1341 Old Georgetown LLC for $1.5 million.

Allen L. Tucker II and Sharon C. Tucker sold 3306 Cottonfield Drive, Dunes West to David and Kristi Wanders for $650,000.

Richard T. and Shannon R. Sullivan sold 3037 Pignatelli Crescent, Dunes West to Donald B. and Dorothy M. Tatum for $545,000.

Harry John Wamboldt sold 3343 Cottonfield Drive, Dunes West to Robert C. and Jill D. Simmonds for $565,000.

Danielle M. Angelich Smith sold 1440 East Crossing Lane, East Crossing to Jonathan Brewster Taylor and Amy L. Meggiolaro for $278,500.

Paul M. and Kristen L. Scambos sold 176 Fair Sailing Road, Egrets Walk at Dunes West to Ellen Winkler and Katherine L. Yingling for $218,000.

Joy L. Leyh sold 1490 Fiddlers Marsh Drive, Fiddlers Marsh to Steven M. and Eileen M. Clark for $375,000.

1316 Venning Road LLC sold 1316 Venning Road to Guy L. Hecker Jr. for $344,000.

James John Garrity sold 1186 Main Canal Drive, Harborgate Shores to Jeffrey A. Healy and Daniel A. Healy III for $205,000.

James D. and Leslie I. Vanhoy sold 721 Stucco Lane, Hibben at Belle Hall Plantation to Gina M. Voorhees for $845,000.

Edward P. Gerber sold 1261 Hidden Lakes Drive, Hidden Lakes to Derek S. and Courtney B. Maroun for $525,000.

Megan Ham sold 2404 Bergeron Way, High Marsh to Donald E. and Elizabeth A. Bickley for $280,000.

Allen T. King Jr. and Carrie L. King sold 661 Palisades Drive, Hobcaw Creek Plantation to Thomas E. Sexton Jr. and Pamela M. Sexton for $660,000.

David and Donna Bedford sold 1827 Delacourt Ave., Indigo Chase to James M. and Deanna B. Gort for $479,000.

Margaret J. McKinney sold 74 Hospitality St., I'On to Joseph A. and Susan A. Maggioncalda for $1.1 million.

Nuview IRA Inc. sold 3035 Morningdale Drive, Ivy Hall to Benjamin Bruce Floyd and Lisa A. Reynolds for $235,000.

David B. and Mandi S. Shayda sold 3221 John Bartram Place, Keswick at Park West to Marianne Bates for $342,000.

Danielle Terres Kepecs sold 1241 Laurel Park Trail, Laurel Grove to Benjamin D. and Megan E. Rzyski for $270,000.

Orquida Hurd sold 2178 Annie Laura Lane, Liberty Hill to Nationalmax Properties LLC for $225,000.

Brian D. and Erika D. Wilson sold 3652 Locklear Lane, Lieben Park to Douglas W. and Dawn S. McMaster for $309,000.

Craig and Lauren Johnson sold 1982 Tison Lane, Longpoint to Brandon and Jessica Callahan for $320,000.

DC and Sons LLC sold 202 Coleman Blvd. to Dart Properties LLC for $802,841.

Caroline Myers Bailey sold 716 Simmons St., Moultrie Heights to Melissa R. Myrick for $273,000.

Jeffrey Baich sold 1621 Pin Oak Cut, Palmetto Hall at Dunes West to Bryan Ericksen and Kristine Parker for $267,500.

Susan M. Flaherty sold 2820 Parkers Island Road, Parkers Landing at Rivertowne Country Club to Alan P. and Jennifer J. Alvarez for $218,000.

Herman E. Smith III and Rebecca G. Smith sold 1537 Rivertowne Country Club Drive, Parkers Landing at Rivertowne Country Club to John R. and Donna M. Corboy for $750,000.

Kenneth E. Martin sold 1312 Pherigo St. to Sasser LLC for $475,000.

Pulte Home Corp. sold 1312 Scotts Creek Circle, Scotts Creek to Badih J. and Allison K. Elmunzer for $852,335.

Geoffrey T. and Laura G. Graze sold 1052 Governors Road, Snee Farm to Adam S. and Sara J. Whitfield for $380,000.

David A. and Nicole M. Vigliotti sold 665 Dupre Lane, Somerset Point to Kurt D. and Michele W. Kraus for $550,000.

David P. Ruley sold 1822 Falling Creek Circle, Sweetgrass at Water's Edge to Valerie Cummings for $264,000.

Jessica Engel Mills sold 1221 Spoon Court, The Orchard at Charleston National to Jerry A. and Emily G. Shannon for $338,000.

Winston-Carlyle Charleston National LLC sold 1558 Porchers Bluff Road, The Retreat at Charleston National Country Club to Andrew P. Pittser and Thomas F. Reis for $296,000.

Randy E. and Mary B. McWhorter sold 3517 Flowering Oak Way, The Village at Hamlin Plantation to Christina L. Jones for $565,000.

Robert M. and Vilma E. Beckstead sold 713 Chatter Road, Wakendaw Lakes to Danielle M. Smith for $371,500.

James W. Cade sold 2101 Country Manor Drive, Waters Edge to Francis Montejo for $320,000.

Dobson Homes LLC sold 1161 Wexford Park, Wexford Park to Charles R. Bell for $376,916.

North Charleston

Marshall J. Wilkes sold 5052 Delta St. to Wilson Rentals Single Family LLC for $285,000.

Dolores S. Blackburn sold 2470 Shadowcreek Court, The Elms to James A. and Catherine M. Amendolia for $207,000.

Seabrook Island

Robert E. and Karen R. Stormer sold 3138 Privateer Creek Road to Richard F. and Margaret L. Wildermann for $625,000.

Lester L. and Katherine W. Harper sold Unit B, 1225 Creek Watch Trace, Creek Watch Villas to Charles S. and Christi H. Bebko for $330,000.

Steve Brend Jr. sold 2271 Seabrook Island Road, The Village at Seabrook to Steffen Frey and Rebecca Reuling Post for $470,000.

Ray A. and Linda J. Graves sold 803 Treeloft Trace, Treeloft Villas to Richard L. Heilman Jr. and Carole Heilman for $235,000.

Sullivan's Island

Joseph and Patricia Wezwick sold 3024 Marshall Blvd. to Pommer Group LLC for $1.7 million.


Arthur R. and Eloise M. Dunton sold 129 Brutus Lane, The Pines at Gahagan to M. Stephen Hill for $226,500.

West Ashley/ St. Andrews

Windermere Improvement LLC sold Unit C, 620 Windermere Blvd. to Gregory G. Span for $290,000.

Gerald W. Dammeyer sold 24 Oakdale Place, Avondale to Perry M. Buckner IV and Amy G. Buckner for $395,000.

Centex Homes sold 4225 William E. Murray Blvd., Creekside at Carolina Bay to Barbara A. Kurent-Byrum and Jack Byrum for $295,005.

Centex Homes sold 2160 Gammon St., Creekside at Carolina Bay to Erik C. and Ann M. Henderson for $249,615.

Centex Homes sold 2187 Gammon St., Creekside at Carolina Bay to Ian W. and Kristin R. Brake for $296,065.

Centex Homes sold 1845 Bermuda Stone Road, Creekside at Carolina Bay to Joshua A. and Nicole A. Larsen for $395,020.

Centex Homes sold 1850 Bermuda Stone Road, Creekside at Carolina Bay to Marc and Stephanie M. Studerus for $322,365.

Centex Homes sold 2116 Gammon St., Creekside at Carolina Bay to Neil D. and Emily G. Vaughan for $258,090.

Centex Homes sold 1830 Bermuda Stone Road, Creekside at Carolina Bay to Nicole and Joshua Treadway for $331,835.

Centex Homes sold 1837 Bermuda Stone Road, Creekside at Carolina Bay to Paul J. and Kathleen M. Markowski for $342,135.

Centex Homes sold 2168 Gammon St., Creekside at Carolina Bay to Sean and Marie P. Curtis for $317,050.

Charles R. Towne II and Linda C. Towne sold 2121 St. Peters Lane, Forest Lakes to Steven B. and Abbie C. O'Toole for $250,000.

Sabal Homes at Grand Oaks sold 1003 Ashley Gardens Blvd., Grand Oaks Townhomes to Ralf-Ruediger Goettsches and Gabi Goettsches for $226,865.

Stephen Southerlin sold 1469 Ashley Garden Blvd., Hamilton Grove to Megan M. Ham for $255,000.

Edward L. and Carolyn B. Hethington sold 741 Olney Road, Long Branch on the Creek to Anthony Steven DiPrima for $214,000.

Low Country Residential Builders LLC sold 2402 Valentine Way, Melrose to Maureen T. and Gregory K. Hicks Jr. for $289,900.

Hannah P. and Joseph R. Hosemann sold 1 Tudor Place, Parkshore to Michael and Bethany Bradley for $415,000.

Windermere LLC sold 11 Sheridan Drive, South Windermere to Gerald W. Dammeyer for $500,000.

David I. and Amanda K. Hansen sold 5107 Cornflower Court, Village Green to Donald R. Woosley Jr. and Cassandra L. Woosley for $306,500.

Berkeley County

The transactions listed below include properties sold for $200,000 or more and recorded between June 30-July 4.


Crescent Homes LLC sold 503 Nelliefield Trail, Nelliefield Plantation to Carlos and Amy Elissa Gonzalez for $281,968.

Crescent Homes LLC sold 478 Nelliefield Trail, Nelliefield Plantation to Larry A. and Sharon K. Jackson for $233,483.

The Pines Building Group LLC sold 1173 Rivers Reach Drive, River Reach Pointe to Dennis L. and Katherine L. Treado for $370,000.

Daniel Island

Joe Marvin Bowman sold Unit 101, 135 Pier View St. to William L. Coleman for $365,000.

Elizabeth P. Sammons sold 300 Ginned Cotton St., Daniel Island Park to Ashley Adorno for $680,000.

Elizabeth W. Parsons sold 1421 Hooper St., Smythe Park to Eric J. and Kimberly J. Blank for $628,000.

Mitchell C. and Jennifer M. Feinman sold 343 Ralston Creek St., Ralston Creek to Alexandra and John C. Read for $1.1 million.

Goose Creek

Eltiprise P. Kosobud sold 113 Chedburg Drive, Hamlets to Stephen E. Naples for $256,000.

Melvin L. and Joan P. Peterson sold 134 Eston Drive, Hamlets to Keith B. and Melanie F. Franklin for $481,500.

Malphrus Land LLC sold 223 Urbano Lane, Montague Plantation to Aisha L. Jackson for $204,300.

Ryland Group Inc. sold 515 Mountain Laurel Circle, Liberty Village to John Ryan and Caitlin Lee McLintock for $259,900.

The Ryland Group Inc. sold 209 Pagoda Tree Drive, Liberty Village to Franklin Lynn and Nicole Lynne French for $303,526.


DR Horton Inc. sold 1221 Raven Road, Eagle Landing to Charandeep S. Saini and Santosh Kumari for $285,900.

James and Margaret Slemp sold 1719 Indigo Island Drive, Indigo Island Reserve to Loan Phu for $565,000.

John E. and Marilyn M. Stevens sold 11 Monte Sano Court to Mark and Crystal Javaux for $210,000.

Linda M. and Robert H. Nichols sold 1221 Creek Stone Way, Tanner Plantation to Barbara H. and Erika J. Mitten for $260,000.

Michael L. Rodgers sold 1460 Coopers Hawk Drive, Tanner Plantation to Ryan E. and Allison O. Daniel for $221,000.

The Ryland Group Inc. sold 1962 Wild Indigo Way, Tanner Plantation to Sapan N. Shah for $270,984.

Weekley Homes Inc. sold 6936 Tanner Hall Blvd., Tanner Plantation to Stephanie L. and Thaddeus J. Covert for $445,509.

Moncks Corner

Weekley Homes LLC sold 102 Novelty Lane, Foxbank Plantation to Joia Ann and Brian Lee Thompson for $356,423.

Weekley Homes LLC sold 404 Topcrest Lane, Foxbank Plantation to Keithrick and Faith E. Bradford for $306,436.


Beazer Homes Corp. sold 419 Forest Hills Road, Felder Creek to George C. Southerland for $200,000.

Deborah E. Pusillo sold 109 Sea Lavender Lane, Cane Bay to Gillian E. Rodriguez for $203,000.

Eastwood Construction LLC sold 709 Quintan St., Saint Thomas Park to Howard E. and Alleyn D. Cole for $333,680.

Pulte Home Corp. sold 419 Eastern Isle Ave., Cane Bay to Alejandro A. and Delpha Otman for $360,065.

Pulte Home Corp. sold 255 Waterfront Park Drive, Cane Bay to Elizabeth H. and Ralph W. Stewart for $302,390.

Sabal Homes at Carnes Crossroads LLC sold 704 Quintan St., Saint Thomas Park to Anthony C. Zwirgzdas for $280,000.

Sabal Homes at Carnes Crossroads LLC sold 411 Eliston St., Saint Thomas Park to Diana D. and Gary N. Alford for $410,043.

Sabal Homes at Carnes Crossroads LLC sold 616 Van Buren Drive, Saint Thomas Park to Patrick John and Carol Sue Pigott for $333,705.

Shannon D. Hawkins sold 226 Cameron St., Cane Bay to Lisa M. and Lisa M. Woodley for $245,000.

Stacy L. Grissinger sold 132 Beacon Falls Court, Cane Bay to Daniel M. and Sandra J. Dewald for $220,000.

Dorchester County

The transactions listed below include properties sold for $200,000 or more and recorded between June 30-July 4.


Jeremy R. and Bridget T. Janney sold 106 Sweet Alyssum Drive, Summer Park to Charles T. and Susan M. Beemer for $205,000.

North Charleston

Frank E. and Sharon B. Peters sold 8423 Taylor Plantation Road, Taylor Plantation to Nicholas A. and Jennifer M. Hathaway for $229,900.

Joseph E. and Amy L. Arnone sold 5459 Charleywood Landing, Taylor Plantation to MD R. Islam for $243,500.

Trevor L. and Brianna Lea Williams sold 8524 Sentry Circle, Indigo Palms to Larry D. and Linda S. Sparks for $214,000.


Benjamin C. and Amber J. Fairbanks sold 5168 Blair Road, Myers Mill to Kyle M. and Emily J. Ithal for $256,500.

Coningsby Joseph and Sarah Maria Burdon sold 9611 North Liberty Meadows Drive, Wescott Plantation to Bryan J. and Mary E. Smith for $222,900.

Jason and Sarah Senn sold 156 Back Tee Circle, Legend Oaks Plantation to Jamie and John Miller for $219,000.

John A. and Kristin M. Penton sold 48 Regency Oaks Drive, Bridges of Summerville to Mark R. and Elizabeth Timmons for $210,000.

Kevin R. Ball and R. W. Smith sold 266 Carolinian Drive, Legend Oaks Plantation to Christopher and Kimberley Terry for $269,900.

Leland E. Fields sold 200 Foxcroft Lane, Kings Grant to Richard J. and Denise C. Pickford for $214,000.

Mungo Homes Coastal Division LLC sold 113 Elliot Creek Lane, Bluffs at Ashley River to Kyle McKeever and Genevieve Simmons for $251,010.

Judith Almy Gibbins sold 106 Cuthbert St., Pine Acres to Richard L. and Debra J. Miler for $225,000.

Federal National Mortgage Assoc. sold 102 Kilarney Road, Pine Forest Patio Homes to George Whitlatch for $223,000.

Patrick and Karen Meehan sold 117 Lotz Drive, The Ponds to Tom Mirl and Heidi Alton Mirl for $350,000.

Skye Nicole and Robin Michelle Deberry sold 527 West Butternut Road to Lisa A. and Charles A. Griswold for $390,000.