Nate Whiting earlier this year invited an Italian chef to cook hazelnuts in his restaurant kitchen, and now Carlo Zarri is returning the favor.

At Zarri's request, Whiting and Amanee Neirouz - chef and pastry chef of the forthcoming Tristan successor, 492 - will this month travel to Cortemilia, Italy to participate in the International Hazelnut Festival. Zarri is chair of the festival board.

"He thought Nate and Amanee would be an awesome addition to the festival," says publicist Angel Powell, adding that Zarri tasked the pair with preparing an identifiably "American" dish. They're planning to make hazelnut buttermilk biscuits.

In addition to serving biscuits to a group of Italian journalists, Whiting and Neirouz are scheduled to tour a hazelnut plantation and factory.

The hazelnut festival, officially titled the Sagra Della Nocciola, is regionally known for its pastries. The concluding festivities also include free entry to the Hazelnut Hall of Fame, a historical pageant and a battle of the bands.