What is it?

Angel Oak's 2013 rose is a dry, French-style wine with the aroma of berries and the flavor of quince and sour cherries. It is made from 100 percent Merlot grapes. Rose is a wine genre, such as red or white. And if you associate rose with white Zinfandel or pink Andre, you need to recalibrate your taste buds by trying this wine considered "universally food friendly" and the summer wine of refreshment.

What's the story?

The Angel Oak Portfolio of wines is a joint venture from the Neighborhood Dining Group Partners: Tony Bakker, Nigel Cooper, Anthony McAlister, Kevin Riker, Tim Smith and Gary Thornhill.This is the team behind Husk, McCrady's and No. 5 Faber. This private label wine is from the SignoSeis Vineyards southwest of Mendoza in Argentina. Nigel Cooper oversees the vineyard and winemaking operations.

Who's buying it?

This is the wine of summer whose crisp acidity and meaty lightness make it a universal companion to a wide spectrum of foods and cuisines.

Those looking for a refreshing summer wine, not a warm alcohol flavor bomb found in traditional red wines, seek it out.

Who's selling it?

Angel Oak Rose is on the menu at Charleston Grill, Husk and McCrady's in Charleston and Southerly Restaurant in Mount Pleasant.

Retailers include Accent on Wine (Summerville), Bottles (Mount Pleasant), goat sheep cow (Charleston), Kiawah Spirits and Wine (Kiawah Island), Egan's Spirits and Wine (Daniel Island) and the Wine Shop (Charleston).

What's the price?

$19 per bottle, on average.


"The Angel Oak Rose is produced as a Bordeaux-style rose and as such is totally dry. ... Tart and refreshing, this wine pairs well with goat cheese or barbecue. With a wonderful amount of acidity and weight in the mid-palate, this wine has flexibility and finesse." -- Trent Caldwell, Mount Pleasant