A recent government announcement is music to prisoners' ears in England and Wales - steel-string guitar music in particular.

Thanks at least in part to pleas from British rock stars, a ban on steel-string guitars in prison cells has been reversed. The ban was instituted in November.

According to the BBC, several rock stars, including Billy Bragg, Pink Floyd's Dave Gilmour and The Smiths' Johnny Marr, are involved with a program called Jail Guitar Door.

The initiative has sent about 350 guitars to prisons since 2007 and has implemented programs that use them for prisoners' rehabilitation.

The guitars are an incentive for prisoners who exercise good behavior. That's how they earn the right to use them.

Besides, they say, the atmosphere in a prison wing can improve greatly with guitar music.

And, who knows, there could be another Johnny Cash stuck in Feltham Prison in the United Kingdom, strumming, singing and letting it all blow his blues away.