More pleasant

Thanks, Post and Courier, for the July 31 editorial support. Many of us have worked hard since 2006 to plan for the inevitable crush of folks coming to our town.

The CRAB (Coleman Revitilization Advisory Board) was diligent in recognizing the demographics of those coming.

We also knew the town could not afford the sprawl that would result unless the planning process included densifying of our main street corridor.

Our urban planning advisors were excellent. We listened and took most of their advice.

The naysayers you hear from today did not participate in the process after numerous invitations. They did not think our "town" would be the attraction it is today.

We truly want Mount Pleasant to be an attractive place for all. We want more than anything for people to work, play and enjoy their environment.

We are trying. There will be missteps and tweaks we have to make in the process.

These are not insurmountable. I hope 20 years from now people appreciate what is being done now.

Mount Pleasant will be a leader in many parts of the urbanization process. It will all be for the betterment of our residents.

Elton Carrier


Town of Mt. Pleasant

Ann Edwards Boulevard

Mount Pleasant

Climate change

Two articles in the July 22 Post and Courier addressed climate change/global warming.

The first warned of rising sea levels that will cause extreme floods along the coast by 2050.

That prognosis is based upon a projected sea level rise of 12 inches along the South Carolina coast between now and 2050, and an 11-inch rise along North Carolina's coast.

Historically the seas have risen only 1.2 inches per decade and now we are asked to believe that between now and 2050 the sea will rise 3.3 inches per decade along South Carolina's beaches.

Based upon what evidence? Perhaps based upon computer models that so far have been wildly inaccurate?

But perhaps the answer, the culprit, the cause of global warming is found in the second article, which reports that "beef (is) worst for the environment;" apparently we are now being asked to stop eating steaks and hamburgers to reduce cattle belching to save the planet.

By the way, we've been North Carolina beach house owners for 37 years, and we have yet to observe beach shrinking, which would be expected if the seas are rising; in fact, the beach has grown.

We as a nation are being asked to drink the Kool-Aid of global warming and rising sea levels based upon extremely limited empirical evidence. It is time for the climate change community to stop the global warming fear-mongering. The sky is not falling.

Pat Kenny

Slat Lane

Mount Pleasant

Good for Hollings

I found the July 28 commentary by former U.S. senator and governor Ernest F. Hollings both interesting and refreshing.

For any member, former or present, of the U.S. government to actually admit that the U.S. government has demonized another country's leader while covertly pulling strings behind the scene is nothing short of amazing.

His assertion was eye-opening: "We have U.S. missiles and U.S. trainers deployed around the world. We deploy 200,000 GIs to countries the world around and are not responsible for what the country does.

"We don't mention the overthrow of a democratically elected government."

I only wish that others would be so forthcoming.

Lesa W. Smalls

Ashley River Road


Fond memories

My wife and I recently took a short trip to Folly Beach for dinner. Our walk out on the pier was pleasant; but when we turned around and saw the return view we were devastated. All of the great times we had as children at Folly are ruined. The boardwalk, pier, snow cones, bumper cars and ferris wheel are gone.

Condos and hotels now prevail, with nothing for children to play on but sand. The '50s and '60s will always be Folly's best years.

Now you must have to go to New Jersey to be able to walk on the boardwalk and smell cotton candy and candy apples.

James Thornal

Burnett Drive


GOP shifts blame

The Republicans are becoming the laughingstock with their increasingly outrageous behavior.

They refuse to do their job, will take no responsibility, but only blame President Obama for any situation.

In order to try to take the spotlight off of their miserable record, they are suing the president for his decision to do his job in spite of them.

With the world in crisis, thank goodness we have a president who will not rush mindlessly into war, and will try to do what needs to be done for all of us and our lives in the U.S.

Too bad the Republicans are the ones wasting millions of our dollars on pure pettiness.

Bonnie Seabright

Groves Manor Court

Mount Pleasant