South Carolina has the nation's lowest gas tax - and the nation's lowest gas prices.

Falling prices in S.C.

Date Average price per gallon

Memorial Day 2013 $3.22

July 1, 2013 $3.18

July 31, 2013 $3.30

Memorial Day 2014 $3.46

July 1, 2014 $3.38

July 31, 2014 $3.24

Source: AAA Carolinas

And the cost of a gallon here is falling to levels below last year, according to a new survey by AAA Carolinas.

A gallon of unleaded here costs an average of $3.24, 1 cent below the price in the next lowest state, Alabama.

That's also down 14 cents from the $3.38 average a month ago and down 21 cents from Memorial Day. North Carolina's price fell by only 12 cents over the past month.

David Parsons, president and CEO of AAA Carolinas, said the falling prices are expected to continue as the nation relies less on overseas oil; motorists drive more fuel-efficient cars; and record-high domestic refinery production.


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"We have a perfect storm for declining prices at the pump," he said in a statement.

Still, a hurricane strike along the Gulf Coast could reverse the trend.

The Greenville-Spartanburg area has South Carolina's lowest average price at $3.18, while Myrtle Beach is the highest at $3.31. The Charleston area average is $3.29, while the national average is $3.52.

The states with the highest prices include Hawaii ($4.33), Alaska ($4.12), California ($3.97) and Oregon ($3.92).

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