Falling prices in S.C.

Date Average price per gallon

Memorial Day 2013 $3.22

July 1, 2013 $3.18

July 31, 2013 $3.30

Memorial Day 2014 $3.46

July 1, 2014 $3.38

July 31, 2014 $3.24

Source: AAA Carolinas

South Carolina has the nation's lowest gas tax - and the nation's lowest gas prices.

And the cost of a gallon here is falling to levels below last year, according to a new survey by AAA Carolinas.

A gallon of unleaded here costs an average of $3.24, 1 cent below the price in the next lowest state, Alabama.

That's also down 14 cents from the $3.38 average a month ago and down 21 cents from Memorial Day. North Carolina's price fell by only 12 cents over the past month.


For a live look at local gasoline prices, go to postandcourier.com/gasprices.

David Parsons, president and CEO of AAA Carolinas, said the falling prices are expected to continue as the nation relies less on overseas oil; motorists drive more fuel-efficient cars; and record-high domestic refinery production.

"We have a perfect storm for declining prices at the pump," he said in a statement.

Still, a hurricane strike along the Gulf Coast could reverse the trend.

The Greenville-Spartanburg area has South Carolina's lowest average price at $3.18, while Myrtle Beach is the highest at $3.31. The Charleston area average is $3.29, while the national average is $3.52.

The states with the highest prices include Hawaii ($4.33), Alaska ($4.12), California ($3.97) and Oregon ($3.92).

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