Thanks everyone who fought the lazy days of summer this week to submit a photo.

We didn't have a large selection this week but everyone nailed the subject.

After chuckling our editors chose Kaitlyn Swicegood's humorous photo of Tommy Dingle to appear in Friday's People section. Pick up a copy to read what they liked about it.

Now for your future assignments.

This week: Lowcountry beaches. Please turn in your best photo by noon on Aug. 5.

The week after that: Super moon. The biggest of the three super moons is expected between Aug. 8-12. Please send us your best shot by noon on Aug. 12.

So start planning now how to take that perfect shot of either the moon, the tides or both.

The Rules

- Send just one (1) photograph to by noon on Tuesday, Aug. 5. Include your name, town and where the photo was taken. If you send us multiple photos we will select one randomly.

- We will allow photographs with reasonable watermarks to run in the gallery but for the winning photo that runs in the newspaper we must have a photo that does not have a watermark. If you want to send us one with the watermark (to run online) and one without (to possibly run in the newspaper) please feel free.

See past reader galleries here.