The Charleston County Sheriff's Office has released photos of two men they say tried to rob a Marine veteran after following him home from a convenience store last week.

The robbery failed after the combat veteran disarmed a man who stuck a gun in his face.

Photos taken from surveillance cameras at the Kangaroo convenience store on Ashley Phosphate Road the night of July 21 show a man in a white tank top near a white SUV, with his pants sliding down his hips.

Tony Morris, a 45-year-old tow-truck driver who served in Desert Storm, says the man in the photo is the one with gold teeth who stuck a gun in his face in his front yard.

Morris and his wife said the man kept tripping as his pants fell down while he was running back to the white SUV after Morris took his gun. The .38-Special revolver turned out to be stolen, according to investigators.

Another photo shows a man in a black T-shirt standing behind Morris while he makes a purchase at the convenience store. Morris said the man apparently spotted several $100 bills in his wallet and followed him home for the attempted holdup.

It's possible the SUV has two holes in the rear, since Morris fired two shots after taking the gun from the man with the gold teeth.

Nobody got a license plate number, according to sheriff's Maj. Eric Watson.

Morris was hailed as a hero after his story appeared in The Post & Courier. He said he wasn't looking publicity.

"Everyone wants me to sign the newspaper," he said Tuesday. "I didn't sign any newspapers. It's not a hero thing. It's what I had to do to survive."

Morris said he was convinced the guy was going to shoot him whether he handed over his money or not.

Anyone with information about the robbery or suspects is asked to call the sheriff's office investigations division at 202-1700 or leave an anonymous tip with Crime Stoppers at 554-1111.

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