A 4- to 5-foot shark caused quite a stir on Folly Beach Tuesday afternoon.

"Jaws was just caught right in front of me!" Catherine Smith, a teacher who lives on James island, posted on her Facebook page.

A fisherman caught the shark about 20 feet offshore near The Washout, a popular spot on the east side of the beach for surfers and swimmers. A large crowd gathered as it was reeled in, she said.

"It looked pretty ferocious," she said.

She had been in the water shortly before the shark was caught. She added a comment when she posted the photo at 3:54 p.m. - #neverswimmingagain.

The fisherman released the shark, and it swam back out into the ocean.

Not all species of sharks are equally aggressive. Many species look similar and this one was not immediately identified.

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