I start every morning with 16 ounces of water. That's critical. Then I did three organic eggs, over easy. I had half an avocado and a cup of blueberries. And a cup of coffee. I do that with half-and-half and one teaspoon of sugar.

Before lunch, after my workout, I had a protein shake. I use coconut water and vanilla protein. I also put some greens in it.

Lunch was Taco Spot. I go about once a week. I had two steak tacos and a fish taco with guacamole and chips.

For dinner, I had some barbecue chicken. First I started with a salad: I put blueberries on it, and I used Vidalia onion dressing. My salad was a big bowl: I don't do a small bowl. Then I had two-and-a-half chicken thighs, grilled. The sauce was a mixy-mix of things: Maybe there was a sauce from Earth Fare in there.

I had a handful of waffle fries. I didn't eat too many of those this time around, but on days I train, I try to boost my carbs a little bit. It was a light day for me: I just did a walk-run with some sprints.

I'm always experimenting with my meals. I try to keep processed food way down.

David Drake is a trainer at Progressive Fitness in West Ashley.