What is it?

La Marseillaise was the signature cocktail of this year's Bastille Day celebration at Fish Restaurant. The drink features Grey Goose Le Melon vodka flavored with the honey-sweet bouquet of the Cavaillon melon from the south of France. The Fish mixology team adds house-made Pernod Absinthe simple syrup to round out the flavor profiles with hints of anise before adding a splash of effervescence with extra dry sparkling wine from Loire.

What's the story?

Fish's annual Fete Nationale is a uniquely Charleston tribute to the hometown traditions of Lyon-born Fish chef Nico Romo, complete with traditional French cuisine, Champagne and plenty of fanfare, from petanque and guillotine-sliced pommes frites to costume and cake-eating contests. A signature cocktail accompanies this event: Developed by restaurant manager Christopher Neylon, 2014's successful libation was not retired but switched up with a dry, sparkling Loire wine and a twist of lime to balance the sweetness of the Cavaillon melon. The latter is considered in France to be the "fruit of kings." This cocktail was named for the French national anthem, La Marseillaise.

Who's buying it?

Initially, Bastille Day revelers cemented the success of this drink during Bastille Day celebrations in early July. It has soothed during the World Cup as France recovered dignity lost in 2006; comforted the cycling fans as Pinot, Perand and Bardet completed the stages of Le Tour de France; and now remains for summertime drinking with the honey-sweet flavors of melon and citrus that has had wide appeal at the bar.

Who's selling it?

Fish Restaurant at 442 King St.

What's the price?



"This cocktail is as dramatic as the storming of Bastille, layered with a cooling melon tease, perfect for a hot summer day, finished off with the sassy bite of the Pernod. The bubbles keep it bright and cheery and it goes down perfectly." - Kyle Barnette, Charleston