Nationally known rapper Lil Boosie showed up to the car and auto show on Ladson Fairgrounds Saturday but left without performing after a reported disagreement over his fee.

Promoter Carlos "Cartel" Brown, who couldn't immediately be reached for comment Sunday, posted on Facebook that the rapper owed him thousands of dollars from a previously canceled performance and that he had an agreement with Boosie's manager that Saturday's performance would make up for that.

Instead, he wrote, the rapper left when he didn't get $25,000 from the performance.

Brown had initially predicted as many as 3,000 people would attend the event.

People who paid as much as $30 to see the artist perform during the car and bike show took to social media to lay blame for the snub and to report he was seen at a local McDonald's.

Boosie, whose real name is Torrence Hatch, is used to creating a stir on social media. Twitter erupted back in March when his fans pleas to #freeboosie were answered and he was released from prison after serving five years on various drug charges. He was also found not guilty of first-degree murder.

Meanwhile, the rapper performed in Savannah Saturday night.