State Sen. Vincent Sheheen, the Democratic candidate for governor of South Carolina, says the best thing people could do to bring about change in the state is to elect him governor in November.

"I am tired of being embarrassed on late-night television by the yahoos running the state," Sheheen said. "People are needy for change in this state. I can feel it. They've had enough of Nikki Haley."

Sheheen's remarks were made Saturday morning at the Charleston County Democratic Party headquarters on Savannah Highway. The state Democratic Party was kicking off its "100 Days Out Weekend of Action," during which volunteers were to be knocking on doors and making phone calls all over the state. Similar events were occurring Saturday morning in other locations throughout the state.

Sunday marks 100 days before the Nov. 4 election, in which Sheheen faces Haley, the incumbent Republican governor, independent Tom Ervin and Libertarian Steve French.

Just before Saturday's meeting began, volunteer Dolly DeFalco had been poring over sign-up sheets, organizing the day's activities. There were to be three shifts of volunteers coming in throughout the day, about 40 volunteers per shift, she said.

Volunteers would be canvassing door-to-door in West Ashley and in North Charleston. There would also be phone banks. They were going to be doing all of this on both Saturday and Sunday.

"We will be getting the word out about how important this election is," DeFalco said. "We also want to find out which issues the voters are most concerned about."

Volunteers also would be talking about State Sen. Bakari Sellers, who is running for lieutenant governor, Ginny Deerin, the party's candidate for secretary of state, and several House and local candidates, DeFalco said.

According to a Palmetto Politics Poll released earlier this week, Haley has a very slim lead over Sheheen.

"Turnout will make all the difference," Sheheen told the volunteers. "We've got to get people to vote."

Sheheen said he would be knocking on doors and talking to voters in Charleston County this weekend.

In 2010, Sheheen lost the state to Haley, but he won Charleston County by a slim margin.

"I was the first Democratic candidate for governor in 12 years to win Charleston County," he told the volunteers. "I believe, with your help, we are going to blow her out of the water in Charleston County."