We thank Uber for making our community aware of what Charleston has to offer transportation-wise.

We (Yellow Cab of Charleston) have our own app that any customer can download. It allows the customer to see what cab number has been assigned, a map to track the progress of arrival and a rating system after the ride.

We began developing the app a few years, long before Uber showed up. Updated technology has always been part of our business model.

We thank Uber:

For showing that some transportation choices do not supply proper commercial insurance. God forbid, but if injury occurs, we cover all expenses.

For revealing that some drivers in Charleston have limited background checks. Ours is a complete one that the city and the state require.

For using a customer rating system for quality control. We have had the same thing via our app, as well as our call-takers, dispatchers, customer service line, emails and social media. We listen to our customers and are constantly improving our service.

For reminding customers of something most important: Our customers support a local family business that has been in Charleston for 52 years. Including drivers and employees, 125 homes/families are financially supported by our business on average.

For showing the different pricing that companies offer. We have no "peak pricing" as does Uber. Our calls use a meter that is calibrated to the City of Charleston's legal rates. Whether Monday a.m or Friday night, the meter rate stays the same.

For revealing fair competition amongst transportation choices. We welcome competition that serves to make us better. We just believe "fairness" is based on all involved having to abide by the same rules and regulations.

For making revenues transparent. Uber brings in about $20 million a week. We are still trying to understand how we are supposed to be the big transportation conglomerate that controls everything. We are not in 35 countries. No, our family business just keeps meeting our community's needs the best we can.

Perfect? Absolutely not.

Community conscious? Most definitely.

Here for the long haul?

You can count on it.

Thanks, Charleston, for 52 years, of making us a part of your journey.

Jerry G. Crosby


Yellow Cab of Charleston

Cherry Hill Lane