Stash the trash

It never ceases to amaze me how little humans care about this planet we live on, especially here in the beautiful Lowcountry.

Our beaches, streets, rivers and lakes are constantly being polluted by mankind, when with a little thought and caring this could be eliminated, thus protecting the natural beauty we have been given.

As I go to work every day I pass six bus stops in North Charleston. Each one has a trash can. But I stop and pick up bags of cups, cans, plastic bags, food cartons and cigarette butts that are just carelessly tossed on the ground when there is a trash can 12 inches away.

The same goes for the beaches. Beach-goers bring canned drinks, bottled water, plastic toys and cigarettes to the beach.

Why must they litter our beaches with their trash?

Simply put it in a trash can; that's what they are there for.

The same goes for tossing cigarette butts out of a window.

Most cars have ashtrays. Do you know what they are for? If you don't have an ashtray, make one out of a cup and throw it in a trash can when you get to one.

Trash affects all of us. The careless acts of humans are destroying this Earth.

We are only given this Earth once. Please be conscious of what you are doing. Take care of this Earth, or it won't take care of you.

John Miller

Antler Drive


'New age' energy

Reading about North Charleston Mayor Keith Summey's push for wind energy is refreshing. It's about time. We not only rid ourselves of Big Oil, but also save our environment and help create more jobs and new industry right here in South Carolina.

Now I'm waiting for the move to restart hemp production, which can be used for the replacement of coal and oil. Not only is it clean energy, but it is also renewable.

It can be used for paper products, clothing, medicine and other things as well. It will help create more jobs with exports and manufacturing and help the Lowcountry emerge from poverty and show the rest of the nation how to enter a new age.

And let's not forget to mention galvanic electricity and solar energy also as developmental futures.

I'm waiting to hear more good news from South Carolina's leadership.

Bruce Fox

Wildwood Drive


Problem solved

I'd like to suggest the following solution to the immigration crisis on our border.

First, grant these immigrants official "refugee" status, since it's clear they are being displaced by intolerable humanitarian conditions in their native countries.

Next, carve out an area of land, possibly shared by the United States and Mexico (exact borders can be worked out later) where they and their families can live.

Mandate a United Nations agency to administer to their educational, health care, social service, infrastructure and other needs, extending to future generations.

Perhaps at some point they can become an independent state or even a new country.

Eileen Chepenik

Buckingham Drive


Enough already

Years ago, I wrote a letter to the editor of this newspaper expressing my 18-year-old opinion on the Vietnam War. I thought it was great writing; maybe so, maybe not.

My very patient father explained to me that I had done good work, and that carefully expressing my opinion was a good idea.

Now that I had done that, he was sure that The Post and Courier knew how to reach me, and that it would do so if it needed to hear from me again.

If only we could take the same approach with Gene Sapakoff, and shut down his fountain of invective, speculation and just plain meanness directed at Coach Doug Wojcik.

We've got it, Gene, and know how to contact you if we need to hear more of your spiel.

Patricia O. DeTreville

Chadwick Drive


Brutal license

After being exposed to certain scenes in the movie "Raging Bull," I have to ask why people get jail terms for cock-fighting, yet boxing is still a legal sport.

Merrily S. Borowiecki

Somerset Hills Court

Mount Pleasant

One way out

After reading your June 29 article on safety problems associated with the I-26 and I-526 interchanges, I was distressed to think that the monies allotted for the completion of I-526 through Johns and James islands could, and probably will, be used to solve these safety issues.

It once again sounds like the S.C. Department of Transportation can't get it right the first time and has to redo I-26 and possibly delay or abandon the I-526 completion.

As a resident of Johns Island I am concerned that the Lowcountry could be the object of a direct hit from a major hurricane. Hugo may be a forgotten memory, but think of those people in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. It probably will happen here in the Lowcountry.

James and Johns islands are growing by leaps and bounds. Housing construction is everywhere.

How will the people of Johns, Kiawah, Seabrook and Wadmalaw islands safely and quickly evacuate over the Limehouse Bridge?

Traveling through James Island is not a viable option. What are the options for the residents of James Island - the connector to downtown and the bridge over Wappoo Creek to West Ashley?

Think about the best alternate solution -I-526.

Have you tried to go anywhere on the east side of the Stono River after 3:30 p.m.? Morning isn't much better, and it doesn't matter what day you are thinking about.

Depending on the time of day, the traffic can be backed up in either direction on Main Road from River Road and beyond to Savannah Highway.

An accident on Main Road only compounds the situation.

Folly Road is no picnic, either.

Thousands of people live on these islands. Traffic is increasingly getting heavier. Construction and growth are everywhere.

What is it going to take for politicians and SCDOT to think about these residents and taxpayers?

There is still only one way off these islands on a daily basis - or in a disaster.

Finish I-526.

Judith L. White

August Road

Johns Island

Corporate welfare

Imagine that Delta Airlines and Air India are buying new Boeing Dreamliners built here in North Charleston.

They will pay the same price for the aircraft and, if they fly them competitively on the same routes, they will pay substantially the same for fuel, fees, salaries and maintenance.

But Air India will enjoy a significant advantage over Delta in that the U.S. taxpayers will underwrite the financing of their purchase.

Ask Sens. Lindsey Graham, Tim Scott and Rep. Mark Sanford to reverse their intended votes in favor of renewing legislation supporting the Export-Import "Bank."

We are $17.5 trillion in debt. Ending corporate welfare would be a good place to start reducing it.

Bruce Parsons

Hobcaw Creek

Mount Pleasant

Pertinent question

The public needs a better accounting of the recent suicide of a black teenager, which reported experts and civil liberty advocates opine as perplexing and suspicious. Police keeping quiet and statements to the effect that the suicide might not have happened beg the unaddressed issue that I am having difficulty with:

What was the teenager doing with his stepfather's revolver in the first place?

Dennis J. Donahue Jr.

Pelican Reach

Isle of Palms