The case against Bob McCaffrey, accused of lying to authorities as they investigated the disappearance of his wife, will move forward.

McCaffrey, 43, was charged last month with obstruction of justice in connection to the case of his missing wife, 37-year-old Gayle McCaffrey, who was last seen in March 2012.

A preliminary hearing was held Wednesday morning to determine whether there was enough evidence to continue prosecution. Magistrate Judge James Gosnell ruled there is enough probable cause for the obstruction case to move forward.

Charleston County Sheriff's Detective James Perkins told Gosnell that Bob McCaffrey has been uncooperative, beginning the day he reported his wife missing on March 18, 2012, when authorities asked to search his home.

"He refused," said Perkins.

He said Bob McCaffrey also lied to investigators during their initial interview with him. McCaffrey told police he had traveled to Easley the night before his wife went missing to "clear his head."

Investigators determined he was not in Easley, but instead was in Traveler's Rest. Authorities used cellphone records and a speeding ticket McCaffrey received to make that determination.

Christopher Lizzi, McCaffrey's attorney, however, presented a written statement McCaffrey made to authorities in which he stated he had been to Traveler's Rest.

Perkins told the judge after providing that statement, McCaffrey later made verbal statements indicating he had traveled to Easley.

Authorities discovered Bob McCaffrey was visiting his mistress at a Traveler's Rest VFW, Perkins said.

McCaffrey also told investigators he found a note his wife had allegedly typed that said she had taken a 350-pound safe from the home that contained a gun and $110,000. It also instructed her husband not to go looking for her. Bob McCaffrey told authorities a safe existed and it was kept in a room in the house.

Perkins told the judge Bob McCaffrey was lying about the existence of the safe based on interviews conducted with the McCaffrey's 10-year-old daughter and other family members who had been in the home and said they'd never seen a safe.

McCaffrey was freed on bail shortly after his arrest, but Lizzi asked the judge to reduce his bond from $100,000.

Gosnell set bail at $50,000. He said McCaffrey has no criminal record and there doesn't appear to be a danger he will run.

Gosnell, however, set conditions to his bail. McCaffrey, who is living in North Carolina where he works in construction, must now report in person to a local police department on a weekly basis.

"The nature of this offense is very disturbing," Gosnell said.

Gayle McCaffrey's sister was granted custody of the McCaffrey children, where they remain today.

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