Trident United Way and Palmetto Goodwill will hold a clinic teaching people how to get their criminal records expunged and to apply for pardons Wednesday afternoon. The clinic, held at the Eagle Drive Goodwill location in North Charleston, will be taught by attorney David Aylor and begin at 3 p.m.

"Being labeled a felon really hinders you," said Laucas Hicks, 24, who had been convicted of drug possession, in a Trident United Way release. Hicks attended a previous expungement clinic in Moncks Corner.

Expunging a criminal record erases an arrest from a person's history, including background checks. A criminal record may impact a person's job opportunities, and many employers conduct background checks.

Participants will learn what charges they can expunge, how much the process costs and how to expunge their records. They will also learn how the pardon process works and what may show up in a background check. Participants will not expunge their records at the clinic, but learn how to begin the process.

"Most people don't realize what they can do to clean up their past," Aylor said in a release. "Expungement is the eraser of that arrest, including the mug shot."

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