A Mount Pleasant police officer is getting more attention than he might have expected after helping a fawn that was too weak to run Monday.

A picture of Officer Blake Odom holding the baby deer is getting quite a few shares on social media after the police department posted it on its Facebook page.

Odom said a concerned resident of the Hamlin neighborhood called police Monday because the fawn had been hiding in the same bushes for about two days and its mother was nowhere in site.

The deer was lying in the bushes and tried to run when it saw the officer but it was too weak, Odom said. A neighbor snapped the photo before the fawn was taken to the Mount Pleasant Veterinary Specialty Care Facility.

It will treat the deer until a wildlife rehabilitation group can take it in. The plan is to release the deer back into the wild once he has matured, according to the department.

The picture is taking on a life of its own, as some women are fawning over the officer as well as the baby deer.

Odom, on becoming a social media meme: "It's different."

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