The Charleston Battery has endured just about everything imaginable over the years: naval attacks, pirates, tourists. So why not an alien invasion?

In the latest edition of Marvel's "Uncanny X-Men" comic, a home on the Battery is blown to pieces during a Skrull invasion. (And you thought cruise ships were bad.)

The story begins with two tourists arguing outside of a Battery bed and breakfast (do the Charleston livability police know about this?) because the husband brought his laptop along on their vacation and the wife is not happy.

They're soon interrupted by a Skrull - a nasty, shape-shifting extraterrestrial - who quickly vaporizes one of the tourists (no one tell Conde Nast!) before meeting its own demise at the hands of the good guys.

In case you haven't noticed, this is the second time this week we've written about the Lowcountry's contribution to the comics. Just a few days ago we had a feature on Mount Pleasant native Babs Tarr, who was picked by DC Comics to draw the new Batgirl.

If we keep this up, we might have to change Charleston's name to Gotham or Metropolis.