GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Ten wrap-up links and thinks from ACC Media Days at the Grandover Resort, where we start with the Clemson quarterback:

1) So Cole Stoudt runs like he's out of a Claymation film, apparently.

"Cole can run. He's probably faster than Tajh (Boyd), to be honest with you. He's a big, ol' strong guy," Dabo Swinney said Monday. "He looks kind of like Gumby when he runs; he's kind of gangly, but he can run."

Swinney added he wants the running backs to handle 3rd-and-1 situations in 2014; not because he doesn't believe Stoudt can handle it, but because he's challenging Zac Brooks, D.J. Howard, C.J. Davidson, Wayne Gallman and Tyshon Dye to get it done.

2) Gumby probably hasn't golfed with Frank Beamer before - or earned the nickname "the plumber" for sinking putts left and right.

3) During Jimbo Fisher's Q&A with beat reporters, I asked him about Clemson having a top-ten offense the past couple of years and what the Florida State head coach expected out of the Tigers in life after Boyd and Sammy Watkins.

"Top ten offense," Fisher said. "I mean, their identity and what they've created, I think they'll be very good. They still have a lot of playmakers."

4) For the curious, my ACC predictions:

Atlantic: Florida State, Clemson, Louisville, Syracuse, N.C. State, Boston College, Wake Forest.

Coastal: Virginia Tech, North Carolina, Miami, Georgia Tech, Pittsburgh, Duke, Virginia

ACC Championship: Florida State over Virginia Tech

On the collective media vote, I nailed the Atlantic Division, which makes sense; but I differed greatly in the Coastal, which makes sense. Nobody knows what to do with that jumbled bunch, as evidenced by no team getting more than 30 percent of the first-place votes.

Virginia Tech just seems like it can't be any worse on offense last year, and the defense should be just as steady as the 2013 unit that ranked fourth nationally in total D. If the Hokies get anything out of the passing game, they should meander their way to Charlotte.

But yeah, I can make a case for Miami. Or North Carolina. Or even Pitt. Probably not Virginia.

5) After ACC coordinator of officials Doug Rhoads gave a discourse on the new rules for 2014, I wanted to get his take on the 10-second snap wait suggestion which never passed, or came particularly close to passing.

"I didn't see any foundation in that being a safety issue," Rhoads said. "If a player's injured, he just goes down and we stop the game. You don't have to get into any 10-second aspect of it at well. We're not doctors; we're gonna stop the game.

"Now, does that mean you could abuse it? Sure. Fake an injury."

Rhoads said he has seen plenty of video examples of defensive players taking a fall to slow down a tempo offense. (Georgia-Clemson says hi.)

And no, there's no possible rule change to punish the football version of flopping.

"That's a moral-ethical issue," Rhoads said. "It may happen some. We understand that. But there's just no way to enforce it."

6) We'll have to take Fisher's word for it that dropping peanuts into bottles of Coca-Cola has always been a thing. The young crowd of reporters surrounding the start of Fisher's news conference greeted him mostly with blank stares when he brought it up.

Interesting, though. I'll have to try it soon. I'll tweet the results. (If that's not the most shameless Twitter plug I've ever dropped ...)

7) Liked Nate Mink's take in on the Scott Shafer-Dabo Swinney feud that really isn't very feudal.

8) It's far from a rhythmic way to open the season for both Clemson and Florida State: opening with a marquee matchup away from home, then going home to host an FCS opponent, then taking a bye week, then clashing with one another in Doak Campbell Stadium in what will again be billed as the de facto ACC Atlantic championship.

The Tigers and Seminoles haven't faced off in their first three games of the season since the 2006 and 2007 campaigns.

"It is what it is," Fisher said. "I mean, you're going to get tested somewhere, so I feel very comfortable. I think it helps your offseason knowing you have to open up like that."

Squaring off in week three 2006 and to open 2007, Clemson won both those games as an unranked team against an FSU squad in the top 20.

9) Playoff or no playoff, Fisher just wants to keep the traditional college football season alive to some degree.

"Put us out there, tell us where to be, we'll show up. That's the way it's gonna be," Fisher said. "But I do hope we don't keep taking away from the bowl experience of college football. It's one of the unique things about this sport, is that you don't have to end on a loss. It builds programs for the future."

If Fisher is upset that two more teams each year will end with a loss than in years past, then that's his right. He will, however, be happy to know that the College Football Playoff semifinals - which rotate, starting with the Rose and Sugar Bowls this season - will be hosted with the same fun atmosphere off the field as they always have been. As in community events, team outings, trips to theme parks and the like.

10) Players report July 31. That gives us nine days to churn out stories and conversation about the past week in Clemson and ACC media days. Off to work. Reach out any time at or @Aaron_Brenner.