First Federal shifted all of its electronic data to a new computer server, a move that caused problems for some customers Monday when they tried to log on to their accounts.

"It's been a transition day," spokeswoman Kellee McGahey said.

The computer system conversion took place over the weekend. At the same time, the First Federal name and signs were changed to South State Bank, the final step in last year's merger between the former SCBT Financial Corp. and First Financial Holdings Inc.

Most of the glitches Monday involved online banking for First Federal customers, McGahey said.

"Online banking has been up and down throughout the day," McGahey said. "The biggest priority is to get that to a more stable place."

The bank hoped to have most of the technical issues resolved by Monday night.

McGahey said call volume at the bank's customer service center was "very, very heavy" in the morning but had leveled off by afternoon.

A comment left on cited a problem with First Federal-issued debit cards, but McGahey said there was "no widespread issue with debit cards." She suspected the comment stemmed from a "one-off situation."

Account holders who encounter problems should contact the bank, she added.

"Just like any other normal day, if they're having trouble, they need to call our customer care center," McGahey said.