Roger Dougal had two first-place finishes in the final two races to win the J24 class Sunday in the Charleston Yacht Club Regatta, thus earning a spot in the U.S. Sailing Adult Championship that will be held in September in Fort Worth Texas.

Dougal totaled 14 points in five J24 races held over Saturday and Sunday in Charleston Harbor, finishing three points ahead of Ron Medlin Jr. James Howard was third with 20 points.

Ninety-four boats participated in the regatta as Charleston Yacht Club celebrates the 80th anniversary of its founding. Mike Palazzo was named the winner of the club's Lockwood Award while Lauren Hamm received the club's Women's Award.

"(Saturday) was like a lake out there with only about five knots of breeze. We only got two races on one course and three on another. When we got out there Sunday) we were pleased to have great breezes. The wind was more what we were looking for today," said Charleston Yacht Club sailing chair Ken King.

King said the club's efforts to draw more youth sailors by providing boats from the College of Charleston and Charleston Community Sailing was very successful, and the club plans to continue the effort.

"Youth participation was way up," King said. "We think the word is getting out and we'll see a lot more youth participating."


420 JUNIOR: 1. Peter Buyck, 17; 2. Will Monts, 22; 3. Collin Porter, 29.

J24: 1. Roger Dougal, 14; 2. Ron Medlin Jr., 17; 3. James Howard, 20.

E SCOW: 1. Walter Prause, 10; 2. Robby Wilkins, 10; 3. Mark Jordan, 10.

LASER: 1. Robert Key, 8; 2. Andrew Swan, 9; 3. Michael Reddaway, 13.

LIGHTNING: 1. Greg Fisher, 18; 2. Patrick Hogan, 18; 3. Eric Oetgen, 20.

MC SCOW: 1. Tommy Harken, 10; 2. Kurt Stadele, 12; 3. Bill Rembold, 15.

OPTI: 1. Matthew Monts, 17; 2. Kenny Corsig, 25; 3. Ben Labarca, 27.

OPTI GREEN: 1. Lucas Labarca, 6; 2. Miles Letissier, 14; 3. Andrea Melnik, 21.

SEA ISLAND ONE DESIGN: 1. Stan LaRoche, 14; 2. Will Hanckel, 15; 3. Steve Kopf, 18.

SUNFISH: 1. Brian Swan, 9; 2. Matthew Swan, 12; Lizzie Walters, 19.