Another reminder of the potentially decisive power of a single vote:

A Democratic primary for a magistrate judgeship in Gallup, N.M., last week was decided not by the will of the electorate but by the toss of a coin.

That's because after a recount ended in a tie between Kenneth Howard Jr. and Robert Baca (2,879 votes each), the victor had to be determined, under New Mexico law, by chance.

As the Gallup Independent reported, both candidates agreed to a coin flip to meet the legal requirement.

Mr. Howard, due to being listed lower on the ballot, made the call - heads. So when that 50-cent piece went his way, he was the winner.

And he will become the next magistrate because the Republicans aren't even putting up a candidate in the general election in heavily Democratic McKinley County.

So don't take our word on the difference just one vote can make.

Judge for yourself.