A woman was shot to death outside a house on Suffolk Street in North Charleston early today, authorities said.

Shortly after 3 a.m. , North Charleston police officers responded to a report of shots fired in the area of Suffolk Street, according to a news release from police spokesman Spencer Pryor.

When officers arrived, they found a woman sitting inside a Chevy Suburban with its engine running and in reverse gear, according to the release. There was a single bullet hole in the front windshield. The woman was dead, the release said.

Collette Warren, 43, of North Charleston, died at the scene of a gunshot wound, Charleston County Deputy Coroner Kelly Kraus said.

During the investigation, officers learned the victim had been in the driveway of 2232 Suffolk Street and was in the presence of a male acquaintance. She was trying to leave the location when the fatal shot was fired, the statement said.

Detectives found the woman's acquaintance inside 2232 Suffolk Street, but he at first denied knowing the victim, Pryor said in the release. After continued questioning, he admitted to knowing her, Pryor said.

A search warrant was obtained for the house and detectives found a Taurus .357 magnum hidden in a broiler drawer of the kitchen stove, Pryor said in the release. The revolver had two spent shell casings. A small quantity of cocaine also was found.

Antwan Maurice Heyward, 30, of Gullah Avenue, North Charleston, was arrested and charged with murder, and possession of a firearm during the commission of a violent crime. He was being held in the Charleston County jail pending a bond hearing.