A few months ago I wrote about all the ways you can score free stuff with relatively little effort. Now that you know my tricks of the trade, I'm sure you have been finding all sorts of free stuff on your own. But every now and then, I like to highlight some promotions that some of you may not have heard of yet.

Here's a run-down of all the freebies and really cheap things you can look forward to over the next week.

Free dogs

Kangaroo Express is giving away free hot dogs on Wednesday to celebrate National Hot Dog Day. The catch is you have to download the company's app on your smart phone to get the deal. Or, if you're in the military, you just have to show your military ID card. Donations to Kangaroo Express' "Salute Our Troops" campaign are encouraged.

Free ice cream

Sunday is National Ice Cream Day. Carvel, Baskin Robbins and Burger King typically have free or extra cheap ice cream cones on July 20 each year. The only one I've seen advertised so far is Carvel's 80-cent cone deal. You may want to check other ice cream shops' Facebook pages over the weekend to find more deals.

Keep in mind, there's practically a national food day for every day of the year, and many restaurants like to take advantage of the opportunity for timely deals. Check a list of national food days online at www.thenibble.com.

Free groceries

Food Lion is in a re-branding phase to get more customers in the doors, so the supermarket chain has been offering all sorts of promotions this year. The latest is a giveaway for $100 worth of groceries to one customer at each of its stores every day through July 29.

To enter to win, customers must buy five items tagged as part of the special in the store and use their MVP cards at checkout. Yes, it's a little gimmicky. But $100 worth of groceries is like a week's worth of food, and you also can end up winning free groceries for a year. I'd say that's worth the effort.

Kids night

Eating out with your whole family isn't always feasible for those on a budget. But many restaurants offer nights of the week when kids eat for free. For example, kids eat for free on Thursdays at Earth Fare and on Tuesdays at Fiery Ron's Home Team BBQ in West Ashley.

Check out www.mykid seatfree.com for a list of all the deals in the area.

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