It started as a class project but that's not how it ended.

Josh Beavers' assignment at Trident Tech was to to animate something that moves on its own, but long after classes ended he found himself in off-the-beaten-path locations taking more and more time lapse shots.

Beavers, a product of Pickens who came to love Charleston during his time here, said at one point his Jeep broke down and he had to find different ways to get to his three part-time jobs.

While riding the bus or his skateboard he found scenic spots of Charleston that are out of the way of the typical tourist haunts but are familiar to locals.

"I saw a lot of cool places I wouldn't have seen if I was just looking straight ahead," he said.

Beavers recently moved to Chicago but not without leaving something for Charleston to remember him by.

Just another rainy day in Charleston

Watch James Spearman's video from the storm the other day and tell me downtown residents haven't adapted to Charleston's well-documented flooding issues. (The payoff comes about 20 seconds in.)

A view from above North Charleston

Not long after drone-video of a Florida fireworks show went viral on Facebook, North Charleston released its own aerial footage from the city's fireworks celebration this year.

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