A 33-year-old North Charleston man driving with a suspended license for the fourth time led officers on a chase that ended with him driving the wrong way on a bridge, according to police.

John Thomas Jones, of South Allen Drive, was arrested Monday and charged with failure to stop for blue lights, fourth-offense driving under suspension and possession of cocaine and marijuana.

An officer spotted Jones driving a white Chrysler on Dorchester Road near Kent Avenue about 6 p.m. Monday, according to the incident report. The officer said he had dealt with Jones before and knew his license was suspended and he had outstanding warrants.

Another officer approached Jones as he was pumping gas at the nearby Hess station. Jones jumped back into the car with the pump still running and drove away with a passenger, according to the report.

Three officers turned on their blue lights and went after Jones. Jones disregarded two stop signs and a red light while fleeing toward West Ashley, according to the report. When he reached the North Bridge from Cosgrove Avenue, he tossed a black object that looked like a gun into the Ashley River, police said.

Then he went over the concrete divider and drove the wrong way on the bridge toward West Ashley, according to the report. Jones eventually stopped when an officer got ahead of him and was taken into custody.

Officers said they seized 0.10 gram of cocaine and 2 grams of marijuana from the car.

Jones was being held in the Charleston County jail on $31,400 bail Tuesday.

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