Save our nation

We had just gathered as American citizens with family and friends to celebrate our independence from oppression by tyrants.

Yet on that same day I read where a business in our nation was admonished by our government for requiring that its employees speak English. Amazing.

I also read where a high school was required to remove our national flag from the flag pole because it offended Muslim students.

Yet in Tehran our embassy there had the audacity to fly the "Rainbow Flag" directly under our American flag. Sickening.

I could go on and list dozens of perverted policies and regulations that this present liberal Democratic administration has forced on us Americans, which daily rot the fabric of sacredness and exceptionalism upon which our great nation was created.

Do people even read the Declaration of Independence? Do most even know what that is? The truths within that sacred document are self-evident, and have revolutionarily held our country strongly together.

We are about to forever lose the freedoms and liberty our forefathers bled and died for if "we the people" don't make some major changes in who represents us in Washington.

God bless America and all of our historic values and traditions. May they be forever preserved.

Mike Moore

Pimpernel Street


Benefits earned

How sad that our venerable editors saw fit to republish the June 23 drivel perpetrated by columnist Tom Slear. It is unfortunate that Mr. Slear chooses to disparage the benefits earned by the many active duty, retired and reservists who have proudly served their country.

No one is forcing him to take advantage of the numerous benefits he is using.

I enlisted in the Navy at the age of 17 and "retired" when I was 38.

Yes, I receive a monthly check for my years of service to which, if I am to believe Mr. Slear, I did not make contributions.

I and my comrades served proudly and still do our part. I fly my flag every day. I proudly enter the establishments which honor me for my service, and I honor those now serving.

Mr. Slear is not worthy of my rhetoric. If his intent was to rile me, he succeeded.

David Kiger

N. Aylesbury Road

Goose Creek

Coaches' challenge

Before coaches can lose their anger with their players, they have to build strong relationships. This building can be done three ways.

One is through caring about the kids off the court, which we know almost every coach does. The players need to know the caring is sincere. Let the players know the challenges to earning a high school diploma or college degree.

This cannot be a one-time conversation, but needs to be ongoing until the diploma or college degree is earned. Academic support through the high school or university with constant monitoring by the entire coaching staff is critical.

Coaches should show their players how important players' families are to him. Let players see them interact with their siblings and friends, not just the athletes' parents and guardians.

They should show genuine care for the welfare of past graduates, even if those former players were there before they were.

This can be done by helping former players with career decisions and showing support for their roles as husbands, dads, wives or moms.

Coaches like John Calipari, Tommy Amaker, Bobby Cremins, Frank Martin, Dee Rowe, George Blaney, Al Skinner and my close friend Brian Hammel all did these things naturally, without making an effort.

This is the only way coaches can push, reprimand, confront and challenge their players without them taking it personally.

Once this unconditional love occurs the players and their parents will stay supportive throughout the ups and downs of a long season. Most parents don't like anyone besides themselves offering tough love, even if they say they do. Of course, the future blue chippers and NBAers usually accept direct challenges a lot better.

Bottom line: Coaches should convince players they care more about them than winning. Words are not enough. Kids can see right through coaches who are not sincere.

Everything I've said is common sense, which I use in my job as a public high school counselor. The problem is that some coaches can't or don't want to adapt to today's world. If this is the case, they won't last.

Mark Epstein

Glen Erin Drive

Mount Pleasant

Global warming

Each summer we spend a month or more at Edisto Beach. During that time, we receive The Post and Courier.

I have been dismayed by the letters to editor denying global warming on the basis that there has been no temperature increase for the past 10 years.

Poppycock. This past May was the hottest on record globally, and the past 10 years have been the hottest in history. Temperatures have risen and are expected to rise even more.

Whistling past the graveyard is all well and good, but denial of facts is not.

I am reminded of a statement by Daniel Patrick Moynihan, "You are entitled to your opinions, but not your own facts."

Ken Midkiff

Belleview Court

Columbia, Mo.