Charleston eaters who've mocked the artisan toast trend may have a chance to eat their words at Normandy Farm Bakery's new downtown location, opening next week.

"We always have extra," owner Mike Ray says of the dough used to produce high-end breads for restaurants such as Husk and FIG. "A pound here, a pound there. We thought we'd make them small and toasty, with different-style toppings."

Other menu additions for the Society Street bakery include fresh orange juice and lemonade; a cold-press coffee set-up with a slushy machine and "more bagelry."

"We're messing with cream cheeses," Ray says, vowing to keep longtime customer favorites available: "Everyone likes spinach cream on their everything bagel. It's kind of hard to beat."

Ray in 1999 opened the first Normandy Farm at 86 Society St.; the space is currently occupied by Chopsticks House. Seven years later, the bakery relocated to South Windemere Shopping Center, which offered more production space.

"There is nothing we cut short," Ray says of Normandy Farm's in-house coffee roasting and baking operations. "I've just found over the years, it's worth cutting out the middle man."

Normandy Farm retained its peninsular presence with a café on Broad Street, scheduled to remain open.

The café at 84 Society Street (immediately next door to Normandy Farm's original location) is significantly larger, Ray says.

"The older I get, the more tired get of chasing restaurant guys down for checks," he says of the new emphasis on retail sales.

Ray is aiming for a Monday or Tuesday opening. For more information about Normandy Farm, visit