Michigan State coach Tom Izzo came to the defense of College of Charleston basketball coach Doug Wojcik on Wednesday on ESPN's Outside the Lines.

Izzo, who won an NCAA national title in 2000 and has been to six Final Fours, was Wojcik's boss when he was an assistant coach with the Spartans from 2003-05.

"I love Doug Wojcik," Izzo said on the ESPN show. "One of the reasons I hired him was his military background, his discipline, his organizational skills and his family."

A College of Charleston investigation exposed dozens of examples of Wojcik lashing out at players with obscenities, personal attacks and physical threats. The 50-page report was compiled with input from 12 players, 10 of them anonymous.

Wojcik was placed on a one-month suspension without pay, or more than $33,000, in August and ordered to undergo mandatory counseling. The college also has established a "zero tolerance" policy for future behavior.

"I don't know everything that went on down there, but I know that was he well-liked by our players," Izzo said "It bothers me. I know he's involved in a lot job opportunities and he's one of the young stars coming up."