South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley and her husband, Michael, earned $282,384 during her third year in the state's top post, according to their 2013 tax returns.

The Haleys paid $20,691 in taxes. Of that total, $16,743 were federal taxes and $3,948 were state taxes. Haley's returns were presented to reporters for review on Wednesday.

Haley donations

Charities that received donations from the Haleys:

Charity Total

Original Six Foundation $80,000

Mt. Horeb United Methodist Church $20,000

Sikh Religious Society $20,000

National Christian Foundation $5,000

Special Olympics South Carolina $500

Hannah House $500 donation of clothing

The governor makes $106,078 in her role as the state's chief. She also made $105,000 from her book, which includes an advance payment and book sales. They also earned $70,506 in investments.

The Haleys also claimed $10,321 in non-taxable National Guard pay. The first gentleman's full salary amount was not included in their joint tax return because he spent a year deployed in Afghanistan. During the time military personnel are serving in a combat zone, all military pay is excluded from their gross income, but officers are capped at the highest pay for an enlisted person.

Overall, there's not much of a difference between their 2013 and 2012 earnings, when they reported $284,226. The Haleys also donated $126,000 to charity in 2013, of which $80,000 went to the Original Six Foundation, a nonprofit Haley founded for local communities. The couple's charity donations were slightly less than in 2012, when they donated $130,000.

There was a hiccup, forcing the Haleys to file an amended tax return, after the federal government sent a new wage and tax statement to Michael Haley. Their original returns were filed on April 11, while their amended returns were finished May 28.

The release of Haley's returns on Wednesday came just nine days after Democratic gubernatorial candidate Sen. Vincent Sheheen released his June 30 and called on Haley to do the same. She has released her taxes every year since first being elected to the Legislature.

"Governor Haley has hidden income, misrepresented earnings, refused to release 14 years of taxes, and even now continues to restrict access to her tax returns," said Kristin Sosanie, spokeswoman for the South Carolina Democratic Party. "If Nikki Haley had been as protective of the people's highly-sensitive tax documents as she is of her own then millions of South Carolinians wouldn't be at risk as a result of the Department of Revenue hacking and Haley's subsequent cover-up. Once again, Nikki Haley has shown that she can't be trusted to deliver full transparency."

Sosanie's Department of Revenue comment is a reference to the 2012 hacking of the agency, which exposed millions of the state's taxpayers to identity theft. No South Carolinians have reported their identities stolen due to the breach.

Sheheen's total income for 2013 was $333,042. He paid $79,852 in federal taxes and $10,115 in state taxes, according to a copy of the returns provided to reporters; his campaign asked that the documents not be posted online because they contain personal information.

The Democratic senator said his income comes from his general law practice in Camden and real-estate investments. His past income tax returns show his income rose from $73,641 in 2000, before he won a state House seat, to $372,509 in 2009, when he served in the state Senate and launched his bid for governor.

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