"Reckless" could be turning out to be a wreck for CBS, which announced it was moving the time slot for the airing of the third episode of the Charleston-based legal drama.


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Instead of airing at 9 p.m. Sunday, the show will move to 10 p.m., swapping time slots with "Unforgettable."

Star Cam Gigandet, who plays assistant prosecutor Roy Rayder, tried to put a positive spin on the time swap, implying that "Reckless" was too risque to be shown any earlier than 10 p.m.

"#Reckless is so HOT and STEAMY that it's moving to 10pm on Sundays starting this weekend. Come #GetReckless with us!" Gigandet tweeted late Tuesday.

But a local professor said the change is likely due to CBS' fears the show's disappointing viewer ratings are hurting "Unforgettable."

"This is just my opinion, but it usually means that the show that follows it was being hurt by its ratings, and that they're hoping for the best," said Doug Ferguson, a College of Charleston communications professor.

With viewers so spread out over network and cable shows, it's difficult to compete, he added.

Last Sunday, 3.99 million viewers tuned into "Reckless," down from the nearly 6 million who watched CBS' lead in, "Big Brother," at 8 p.m. This held fairly steady from the 4.1 million who watched the legal drama's premiere the previous week. It pulled the same Nielsen rating of 0.7 both weeks in the 18-49 demographic.

At 9 p.m., "Reckless" had to compete with cable shows like "True Blood" and "Ray Donovan" for viewers. The new time slot will pit it against ABC's "Castle" and HBO's "The Leftovers."

"Reckless" stars Gigandet and Anna Wood as dueling attorneys who stumble upon a scandal that could rip apart Charleston society. It's the latest show to be filmed in Charleston, following spring's reality show "Southern Charm."