A couple's argument with a 22-year-old man over a pair of sunglasses gave someone else an opportunity to fatally shoot the man in North Charleston, a woman accused in the crime said Tuesday.

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Speaking during a bond hearing, Latoya Latrice Carson, 26, and Jason Dewayne Fulmore, 34, acknowledged getting into the quarrel, but they deflected blame for the Sunday night slaying of Miquel Garnell Shine II of Trescott Street.

Police officials, though, said Fulmore shot Shine as a result of their argument over the sunglasses, but they refused to rule out further arrests in the case. The police also found two sets of shell casings at the scene, but they accused Fulmore of firing only one bullet.

Carson, a Scarpa Street resident, and Fulmore, whose last known address was on Fuller Street, remained held Tuesday afternoon in Charleston County's jail. Each faces a murder charge.

It's the second time Fulmore has been jailed on a murder count. In 2001, his attorney argued that he fatally shot two men during a shootout in North Charleston, and the charges against him were later dropped.

But in Sunday's shooting, both Carson and Fulmore told Magistrate Richard Lingenfelter during the hearing that a shooter not involved in their argument with Shine was responsible for the death.

"I did not kill anyone," Fulmore said. "That was just the wrong place, wrong time."

Arrest affidavits in the case lay out an alternate story.

Earlier Sunday, the documents stated, Carson called Shine and argued about her stolen sunglasses. During that conversation, Shine told Carson that he would "come down there and slap her," according to the affidavits.

Fulmore later drove a gold Lincoln to 2025 Alton St. to pick up Carson, the documents stated, and arrived as Shine also showed up.

At some point, Carson got into another argument with Shine about the sunglasses.

Fulmore soon started a fight and fired a single bullet into Shine's face during the struggle, the affidavits alleged. He and Carson left in the Lincoln.

The documents stated that Fulmore, Carson and Shine were the only people there. The paperwork cites a witness who said that, but it's unknown where the witness was at the time.

North Charleston Police Department officers responded around 6:41 p.m. and found Shine, whom people knew by his nickname "Happy," already dead. They saw a single shell casing at his feet, accounting for the lone gunshot mentioned in the affidavits.

But to the left of a nearby vacant lot, the officers found four more shell casings, according to an incident report. Police spokesman Spencer Pryor declined to say whether they were connected to the case and whether detectives were looking for any other suspects.

"The forensic evidence recovered from the scene is being analyzed," Pryor said, "and the case continues to be actively investigated."

Both Carson and Fulmore have past arrests in connection with violence and drugs.

Carson has been convicted of possessing crack cocaine and giving false information to police, according to the State Law Enforcement Division. She served 18 months on probation for assault and battery of a high and aggravated nature in April 2009.

In August 2012, Carson was shot in the shin after a car pulled alongside hers on Interstate 26. Police thought the shooting might have resulted from an earlier argument at a nightclub.

Fulmore has convictions for possessing cocaine, failing to stop for blue lights and unlawfully carrying a weapon, according to SLED records.

In January 2001, the North Charleston police said Fulmore fatally shot Xavier Barnwell, 27, and Larrie Martin, 39, in a shootout at a Sumner Avenue mobile home park. Fulmore, who also was wounded, was charged with murder in Barnwell's death, but the count was later dismissed in a preliminary hearing.

He served four years on probation for assault with intent to kill in April 2004. In 2007, he was sentenced to six years in prison for distributing crack cocaine.

Despite Fulmore's past, his uncle said he has been abiding by the law and tending to his family of "six or seven" children.

After the bond hearing, Wendell Brown of North Charleston pointed to surveillance footage as evidence that could exonerate Fulmore.

"He takes care of his kids," Brown said. "He's a good provider ... and I believe him."

A nearby corner store at 4818 Rivers Ave. was equipped with a video camera, according to the report, but it's unclear whether officers found any footage on it. Detectives told Fulmore that they had video of the shooting, he said during the bond hearing.

"If everything's on video, why don't they show the video?" he told the magistrate. "That could clear our innocence right there, right now."

An argument about sunglasses was no reason to kill anyone, Carson added. She and Fulmore were arguing with Shine, when someone else "just shot him," she said.

"I don't know ... the guy who did it," Carson said. "I just know it wasn't us."

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