We did an omelet for breakfast: Two eggs, fresh tomatoes, a little bit of feta cheese, a tablespoon of plain Greek yogurt and black beans. We have eggs almost every morning in some shape or form. And coffee: We have a French press and make our own.

In the late morning, I went over to The Orange Spot for a late morning snack. I had a Greek yogurt and granola parfait with almonds, oats and dried cranberries.

Lunch was leftovers. We had some homemade chili we made with ground beefalo we get from Healthy Home Foods (organic grocery delivery service.) They added beefalo recently, and we switched a lot of our beef order to it. It's a cross between a buffalo and a cow. For the chili, we put in dried pinto and kidney beans and a can of fire-roasted tomatoes. I topped that with Greek yogurt, too.

For dinner, we picked up mixed greens and grilled chicken with some season on the George Foreman. We sliced up strawberries and tomatoes, and added cottage cheese and balsamic vinegar. That was it for dinner.

Later, I got into some homemade chocolate oatmeal bars. It's something I'd made the weekend before: It's just butter and sugar and chocolate and oats.

Clients are all curious about what I eat every day. We're fans of whole foods; we're fans of everything in moderation. For me, Greek yogurt instead of sour cream is a really easy switch. But if you've had a great day, and had a workout, having something like a chocolate oatmeal bar at the end of the day is not something to shy away from.

Katrina Cobb is the owner of Reform Studios Personal Training in Park Circle. She lives downtown.