Barbecue fans wishing to take their devotion to the next level have one last chance in 2014 to start the judging certification process.

The South Carolina Barbeque Association this Saturday is offering its introductory judging seminar at St. Paul's Lutheran Church in Columbia. The class runs from 10 a.m.-4 p.m.

According to association president Lake High, the class won't be offered again until January 2015, when the seminar will convene in Myrtle Beach.

After completing the class, prospective judges must serve on the "novice table" at four barbecue contest.

"In addition to all of the fun you are going to have when you become a certified judge, you will receive a certificate and an apron with the words "SCBA Certified Judge" on it," the association's website promises.

To register for the seminar, e-mail High at