Charleston County

The transactions listed below include properties sold for $200,000 or more and recorded between June 9-13.


David Alan Kuritz sold to 7997 Doar Road to Daniel J. and Cheri K. Fernandes for $750,000.


1216 King Street LLC sold 1190 King St. to Meeting Street Properties Limited LLC for $304,500.

Ann Pennebaker Arnold sold Unit 35, 8 Corinne St. to Elizabeth J. Comey for $490,000.

Blanche Cauthen Brumley sold 46 Tradd St. to Stuart D. and Susan G. Porter for $3 million.

Corrie J. Duffy sold 4004 Old Bridgeview Lane, The Bristol to Mohamad W. and Azza R. Khouja for $860,000.

Dr. Kenneth E. Robinson sold 116 Smith St. to Gerhart and Grace L. Keller for $340,000.

Gardenia Investments LLC sold 193 King St. to NB 193 LLC for $2.1 million.

Gary R. and Elena P. Lamberson sold Unit D, 230 Rutledge Ave. to Scott Kay and Kate Dellas for $735,000.

Greater Macedonia A.M.E. Church sold 341 East Bay St. to Formerly Money LLC for $850,000.

Hugh C. Gaskin III sold 68 Logan St. to William M. and Marcia A. Smits for $1.2 million.

John Darryl Reyna sold 47 Chapel St. to Helen L. Mitternight and Ferris D. Kaplan for $625,000.

Newton Holdings LLC sold 30 Vendue Range to Gardenia Investments LLC for $1.3 million.

Sarah G. and Danielle R. Bernstein sold 59 Vanderhorst St. to Thomas L. and Kaitlin K. Geer for $500,000.

Tyler E. Cooper and Benjamin P. Hollingsworth sold 174 Gordon St., Wagener Terrace to Joshua Walker and Duolan Li for $250,000.

Isle of Palms

RANC Properties LLC sold 701 Carolina Blvd. to Patricia S. Ory and Edward P. Williams for $647,500.

James Island

Alex J. and Francesca J. Lewis sold Unit 1223 105 Wappoo Landing Circle, Wappoo Landing to Stuart Alexander Spisak for $430,000.

Brett A. and Hannah B. Steele sold 664 Highwood Circle, Woodhaven to Frederick B. Sylvin and Lucinda M. Welch for $372,000.

Catalyst Builders Inc. sold 1765 Old Military, Battery Island to Harold and Lena J. Ehret for $415,445.

Fernanda L. and David F. Nilson sold 1091 Eaglewood Trail, Eaglewood Retreat to Kay R. and Thomas H. McCollum for $388,000.

Harold P. Jones Jr. and Charles E. Jones sold 1533 Oak Island Drive, Oak Island to Sharone Harnik for $420,000.

Kim Alan Carter sold 1349 Ellison Run, Pemberton at Seaside Plantation to Stanley and Susan Roat for $265,000.

Phillip B. and Jessica B. Patterson sold 810 West Piccadilly Drive, Lockwood Hall to Richard J. and Kimberly R. McAleer-Sutton for $297,000.

Prime Properties of Charleston LLC sold 943 Clearspring Drive, Ocean Neighbors to Megan L. Olszewski for $275,000.

Retraca Holdings LLC sold 639 Beaten Path, Fox Hollow to Tristan Joseph Lester for $419,065.

Richard L. and Leah S. Kenney sold 1136 Harbor Trace Circle, Affirmation Oaks to Horace M. and Juliet E. Jones for $427,500.

Sheryl Lynn Alexander sold 1960 Wild Wing Lane, Riverfront to Andrew Pracht for $254,043.

Thomas Evans sold 624 Constant Drive, Stono Shores to Robert M. Schick and Catherine Manning for $261,500.

Johns Island

David A. Kelley sold 501 Two Mile Run, Grimball Gates to Kent D. and Heather M. Weikel for $561,000.

Mark T. Amundson sold 3218 Waverly Lane, Hope Plantation to Michael B. and Diane L. Herrold for $439,000.

Kiawah Island

Kiawah Development Partners LLC sold 5 Lemoyne Lane, Cassique to Robert and Anna Kelly for $1.2 million.

James R. and Tamarra J. Giertz sold 730 Virginia Rail Road, Glossy Ibis to Stephen B. and Mary C. Bowman for $1.5 million.

John A. and Cecilia A. Skove sold 4183 Bald Pate Court, Night Heron to Robert S. and Jamie P. Ryan for $554,000.

Robert W. Lee sold 311 Tom Watson Lane, Cassique to Fezco Holding Corp. for $425,000.

Stanley F. Morganstein sold 296 Salt Meadow Cove, Middlewoods East to Nancy A. Lohuis for $780,000.

Herbert G. Jansen and Anne M. Swope sold 417 Snowy Egret Lane, Egret Pintail to 417 Snowy Egret LLC for $1.6 million.

Kiawah Resort Assoc. LP sold 155 High Dunes Lane, Ocean Park to Lewis A. Raibley III and Patricia A. Raibley for $1.1 million.

Thomas E. Herman sold 2170 Shipwatch Road, Ship Watch Villas to 2170 Shipwatch LLC for $575,000.

Robert W. Lee sold 311 Tom Watson Lane, Cassique to Fezco Holding Corp. for $425,000.

Mount Pleasant/ East Cooper

Brian and Mary Sharp sold 2614 River Bluff Lane, River Towne on the Wando to Scott G. and Ashley B. Greene for $445,000.

Clifford T. Melton Jr. sold 1861 Great Hope Drive, Palmetto Isle at Rivertowne Country Club to Tracy L. and Dirk A. Hunter for $361,800.

Craig S. Samford and Amy M. Black sold 686 Adluh St., Mount Pleasant Heights to Alexander D. Burnett for $312,500.

Dale R. and Sandra J. Messer sold 2949 Thornrose Lane, Thornewood to Jeffrey C. and Jo-Ann Vollum for $359,900.

Daniel G. Badger Jr. and Linda M. Badger sold 1532 Arden Court, Wellesley Place at Park West to Charles and Kelli Kandul for $275,000.

Darin L. Reynolds sold 2705 Rush Haven Drive, The Harbour at Dunes West to David S. and Angela M. Muirhead for $702,500.

Deborah J. Seabrook sold 356 7th St. to Gregory J. Kitzerow for $295,000.

Douglas F. and Ethel L. Crane sold 609 Noble Lane, Cooper Estates to Matthew T. and Abigail S. Lane for $445,000.

Edith L. Wilson Farrell sold 1464 Simmons St. to Elizabeth A. Deer to Susan A.N. and James J. Vogt for $439,000.

Eric P. King sold 1580 Landings Run, Landings Run on Coopers Landing to Jesse R. and Andrea R. Freiwald for $295,000.

Eric S. and Jennifer L. Stone Hunter sold 2316 Salt Wind Way, Saltwood at Planters Pointe to Constantinos A. Bocelli for $430,000.

Gary J. and Gertrude Smith sold 3051 Linksland Road, The Glen St. Andrews Place at Charleston National to George and Louise Deely for $356,400.

Gary K. and Alice M. Simmons sold 3360 Crowell Lane, Cotton Creek to Thomas G. and Katherine Hurst for $265,000.

James B. Sanders Jr. and Rose M. Sanders sold 2865 Caitlins Way, Carol Oaks to Vijay Vulava and Sirisha Vadlamudi for $300,000.

Jason Langhorne sold 2113 Summerwood Drive, Thornewood to Robert and Stephanie E. Thomas for $390,000.

JJR Development LLC sold 416 Royall Ave. to David S. and Donna M. Calagaris for $665,000.

John and Janet M. Fitzpatrick sold 3243 Seaborn Drive, Ivy Hall to Jordan and Katie E. Cardwell for $265,150.

John C. and Amy E. Nappi sold 1764 Wellstead St., Pembroke at Park West to Matthew J. and Susan M. McCoy for $492,500.

John P. and Mary M. Vonrosenberg sold 1340 Wynbrook Trace, The Colonnade to Steven J. and Angela S. Myers for $432,000.

JTB Holdings LLC sold 541 Pelzer Drive, Cooper Estates to Diana A. and Gary B. Frederick for $707,309.

JW Homes LLC sold 2562 Kings Gate Lane, The Heritage at Dunes West to Lynne Poggioli for $334,321.

Kelly A. and Steven J. Woodruff sold 2520 Rivertowne Parkway, Rivertowne to Bruce R. and Lauryn D. Kain for $417,500.

Kim E. and Beth P. Clark sold 3140 Linksland Road, Charleston National Country Club to Joyce L. Doubt and Betty M. Williams for $425,000.

Kirk C. Heinold and Tammy K. Prockiw sold 272 Oak Point Landing Drive, The Enclave at Longpoint to James R. and Marilyn W. Markel for $775,000.

Larry Parker Plumb II sold 4922 Sound View Drive, Hamlin Plantation to Herbert G. Russell Jr. and Faith F. Russell for $680,000.

Laura C. and Craig K. Erickson sold 2772 Oak Manor Drive, Richmond Cove to Floyd T. and Virginia T. Hillis for $595,000.

Perry A. and Rosamond W. Page sold 1137 Windsome Place, Snee Farm to Andrew D. and Elizabeth H. Schreiner for $369,000.

Philip E. Ingerson sold 857 Farm Quarter Road, Snee Farm to Peter M. and Karen B. Quick for $485,000.

Pulte Home Corp. sold 1321 Scotts Creek Circle, Scotts Creek to Rachel L. and George Mountis for $797,890.

Sallie E. Lankford sold 912 Searle Court, Cooper Estates to Benjamin E. and Avery W. Smith for $596,000.

Southeastern Recapitalization Group II LLC sold 193 Slipper Shell Court, Etiwan Pointe to Douglas P. French for $352,872.

Stephanie Miner sold 1312 Old Brickyard Road, Brickyard Plantation to Marcia and Steve Wray for $567,000.

Susan R. Nevers sold 186 Ionsborough St., I'On to Michael B. Shuler Jr. for $945,707.

Tina Singer Willett sold 3238 Heathland Way, The Orchard at Charleston National to Aaron and Christy A. Oppelt for $379,000.

William T. Chambers and Andrew M. Tash sold 540 Oak Park Drive, Oak Park to Lindsay W. Whiteside and Stuart D. Whiteside Jr. for $349,000.

North Charleston

Cecil H. and Ina M. Cox sold 1934 Lakewood St., Ferndale to White Oak Holdings LLC for $1 million.

Jimmy L. Ward sold 6842 Rivers Ave., Midland Park to Holt Holdings LLC for $570,000.

Larry J. Collins sold 2118 Cosgrove Ave. to Cosgrove Properties LLC for $450,000.

Clyde B. Godfrey Jr. sold 4060 Rivers Ave. to Murray's Mortuary LLC for $325,000.


David Sineath sold 5946 Old Jacksonboro Road, Roper Run to Laurel Oaks Plantation LLC for $800,000.

Seabrook Island

Russell W. and Janice L. Brown to 326 Seabrook Island Road, Beach Club Villas to 326 Beach Club Villa LLC for $825,000.

Sarah S. Lambert to 2756 High Hammock Road, Seabrook Island to Robert and Genie Panaccione for $480,000.

Sullivan's Island

Patrick C. and Kristina A. McGrath sold 1711 Atlantic Ave. to Darshan Ayandra and Preethi Machaiah for $900,000.

Wadmalaw Island

Albert E. and Susan P. Gurganus sold 4671 Lazy Creek Lane, Longcreek Plantation to Mary Christian Jackson for $400,000.

West Ashley/ St. Andrews

Arthur R. and Jerrie A. Nix sold 6212 Fieldstone Circle, Sweetbay to Sven J. and Lena E. Ekstrom for $310,000.

Austin G. Batten and Emily Victoria Arey sold 1609 Seabago Drive, Bolton's Landing to Sergey B. Gukasov for $250,000.

Centex Homes sold 1906 Royal Empress Court, Creekside at Carolina Bay to Scott A. and Sarah R. Enzaldo Smith for $285,590.

Centex Homes sold 2131 Gammon St., Creekside at Carolina Bay to William A. and Christina P. Ramsey for $251,840.

Centex Homes sold 2171 Gammon St., Creekside at Carolina Bay to Bela A. Stine and Dustin R. Barnes for $262,365.

Charleston Home Buyers LLC sold 23 Farmfield Ave., Parkwood Heights to Geoffrey A. and Megan K. Pallay for $460,000.

Colette B. Holmes sold Unit TH 7, 4 Transom Court, Ripley Cove to Lyndon Redman and Marie-France Morin for $530,000.

Jack K. and Robin L. Matthews sold 1721 Manassas Drive, Saltgrass of Carolina Bay to Christopher P. and Frances P. Bennett for $357,900.

Joseph Clark Wyly III sold 5 Beverly Road, Windermere to Merrilee R. Kinney for $575,000.

Kyle C. and Caryn S. Vedane sold 1830 Bairds Cove, Providence Common to Joshua and Rebecca Robinson for $285,000.

Mary M. Richardson Schweitzer sold 23 Charing Cross Road, Parkshore to David R. Perry for $610,000.

Melissa Cordish sold 56 Fort Royal Ave. to Michelle and Amy Crocker for $308,000.

Robert E. Clark Jr. sold 1251 Winchester Drive, Sandhurst to Jonathan and Sally Kronsberg for $310,500.

Ryan M. Gipe and Justin A. Lewandowski sold 1265 Camerton St., Charlestowne Estates to Samuel Martin Little Jr. for $306,550.

St. Johns Capital LLC sold 1514 Morgan Campbell Court, Fairfield Pines to David and Lauren McCullough for $252,500.

Steve K. and Marie J. Metts sold 1888 Bairds Cove, Providence Common to B.J. Scott for $285,000.

Berkeley County

The transactions listed below include properties sold for $200,000 or more and recorded between May 27-30.


CF Assoc. LLC sold 212 Rice Mill Place, Nelliefield Plantation to Michael and Christina Dominy for $255,000.

Daniel Island

James and Alicia Reynolds sold 2324 Daniel Island Drive to Richard B. and Joan C. Chardkoff for $358,000.

Theodora Finnerty sold Unit 309, 145 Pier View St. to Michael J. Martini for $500,000.

Weekley Homes LLC sold 1537 Willtown St., Old Landing at Smythe Park to Scott Alfred and Cassandra Wallace Cataline for $481,934.

Goose Creek

Donald A. and Shirley A. Groenke sold 128 Welchman Ave., Hamlets to Michael J. Oscarson and Brigetta Charmaine Styles-Oscarson for $450,000.

Malphrus Land LLC sold 243 Urbano Lane, Montague Plantation to Ronald R. Brown for $249,285.


Patrick and Christina Burnette sold 7032 Lanier St., Tanner Plantation to Virginia F. and Ashton J. Shipman for $208,000.

Peter Johnson sold 7303 Brown Thrasher Court, Tanner Plantation to Dana F. Adkins for $228,000.

Ryland Group Inc. sold 6001 Begonia Way, Tanner Plantation to Jashbhai Patel for $362,775.

Moncks Corner

Richard W. Nelson sold 141 New Oak Lane, Berkeley Run to Pedro Acosta for $266,000.


Dan Ryan Builders South Carolina LLC sold 419 Spectrum Road, Cane Bay to Megan N. Watson and Roy M. Gagnon for $259,950.

Dan Ryan Builders South Carolina LLC sold 420 Spectrum Road, Cane Bay to Oscar Rigoberto and Corina Haydee Saavedra for $264,048.

Dan Ryan Builders South Carolina LLC sold 355 Spectrum Road, Cane Bay to Norma C. and Gretchen T. Graterole for $218,490.

Pulte Home Corp. sold 118 Harbor Point Court, Cane Bay to Karyn L. Crandall for $228,215.

Todd P. and Leiding T. Walters sold 38 Partridge Creek Road, Cypress Point Plantation to Mark and Donna Pender for $420,000.

Dorchester County

Editor's Note: Dorchester County transactions were unavailable for this week's edition.