In this state, South Carolina reigns supreme on the football field by reputation. Five straight wins over Clemson in a heated rivalry accomplishes that.

But nationally, the perception might be a little bit different, since Clemson-South Carolina is but one game on the schedule of masses. conducted a seven-writer mock draft - think fantasy football, only instead of players, the national web site selected college programs based on expected success in the short- and long-terms.

Clemson was drafted No. 17, and South Carolina No. 22, though it easily could have been the other way around. In fact, the staffer who took the Tigers is Jon Solomon, who previously covered Clemson for the Anderson Independent-Mail and The State, so he's got a little familiarity with both programs.

Here's how Jeremy Fowler, the CBSports national college writer who fostered the draft, described the process: "Let's trash the Power 5 concept, reignite realignment and start our own league with the best teams, regardless of affiliation.

"'s seven-man college football team has worked up a five-round draft with one simple goal in mind: Picking the best programs while keeping both short-term and long-term success in mind. The operative word is 'programs.' Picking the best teams would be a preseason top 25. If you needed to buy stock in college football programs and couldn't sell for a while, this would be a guide."

Fowler added drafters "must account for athletic budgets, resources, current coaching/lineup prowess, recruiting success, history, fanbase."

Six SEC schools went in the top two rounds, or 14 picks - but not South Carolina. Florida State, at No. 8, was the only ACC squad grabbed in the first two rounds.

Then at No. 17, here's how Solomon explained his Clemson pick: "If I was picking solely based on now, I'd go Gamecocks. But Clemson has the far better history and Spurrier won't coach forever. Also, this follows my strategy of picking lower-round teams that have to win fewer tough games than SEC teams to make the playoff. If they beat Florida State, the Tigers have a better shot at the playoff than the Gamecocks have of surviving the SEC."

Fowler took South Carolina five picks (and one round) later, writing, "You could argue South Carolina is a top-three SEC program right now, but this is a long-term pick, too. I don't expect the Gamecocks to revisit mediocrity even after Spurrier retires, which might take a while. The program has won with in-state players, is top 25 nationally in revenue and is still hungry for its first title."