A blog posting that's gaining momentum on social media rates South Carolina as the most patriotic state in the nation.

The Movoto Real Estate blog figured July Fourth "was the perfect time to look at which states fly their banners highest and sport the red, white, and blue the best."

South Carolina came out on top. The blog says it used a number of factors to come up with the rankings, including national historic landmarks per capita, veterans per capita, money spent to fund veterans, percent of residents that voted in the last presidential election, people who Google for American flags to buy and people who list America as an interest on Facebook.

The data came from sources including the 2012 U.S. Census, the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, Google Trends, Facebook, and Wikipedia.

South Carolinians didn't vote as much as residents of other states but came out ahead in the other categories. The state had the most people Googling for American Flags and was seventh in veteran residents per capita.

South Carolina's ranking was also helped by the number of national historical landmarks, including the aircraft carrier Yorktown, the site of Friday's regional fireworks show.

California was the most unpatriotic state, according to the blog, which focuses on quirky real-estate trends.

Here's Movoto's top 10 most patriotic states: 1. South Carolina 2. Maine 3. North Carolina 4. Wyoming 5. Virginia 6. Florida 7. Georgia 8. Alaska 9. Alabama 10. Arizona

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