2014 Clemson football coach salaries

Head coach Dabo Swinney: $3.15 million

Offensive coordinator/quarterbacks coach Chad Morris: $1.3 million

Defensive coordinator/linebackers coach Brent Venables: $875,000

Defensive ends coach/co-def. coordinator Marion Hobby: $400,000

Tight ends coach/special teams coordinator Danny Pearman: $340,000

Defensive tackles coach/associate head coach Dan Brooks: $340,000

Offensive line coach Robbie Caldwell: $340,000

Defensive backs coach Mike Reed: $285,000

Receivers coach/recruiting coordinator Jeff Scott: $275,000

Running backs coach Tony Elliott: $265,000

TOTAL: $7.57 million ($3.15m Swinney, $4.42m assistants)

2014 South Carolina football coach salaries (2014)

Head coach Steve Spurrier: $4 million

Defensive coordinator Lorenzo Ward: $750,000

Offensive line coach/run game coordinator Shawn Elliott: $430,000

Receivers coach/passing game coordinator Steve Spurrier Jr.: $380,000

Quarterbacks coach G.A. Mangus: $295,000

Special teams coordinator Joe Robinson: $350,000

Running backs coach Everrette Sands: $250,000

Defensive line coach Deke Adams: $300,000

Linebackers coach Kirk Botkins: $300,000

Defensive backs coach Grady Brown: $250,000

TOTAL: $7.3 million ($4m Spurrier, $3.3m assistants)

CLEMSON - Some follow-up notes on the eight Clemson assistant coach contracts released Tuesday, which included defensive coordinator Brent Venables, recruiting coordinator Jeff Scott and the other six position coaches:

- All eight contracts were 16 pages long, signed between April 15 and May 20 by the coach, head coach Dabo Swinney and athletic director Dan Radakovich. Except for the supplemental compensation, all eight deals read very, very similarly - really, take out Venables (which had a few other provisions, as you'll read below) and the other seven contracts were 99 percent identical in their legalese.

- All football coaches make a $245,000 base salary, plus their own personalized supplemental compensation to add up to whatever their reported earnings would be.

- Let's start with Venables. He now banks $875,000 annually, up from $800,000 each of his first two years at Clemson. He still is under contract the next three years, owed the entirety of his deal were he to be fired (total: $2,625,000.)

- But what if Venables takes another job? If it's a coordinator or assistant position, he owes Clemson 25 percent of his remaining salary through Jan. 31, 2017. However, if Venables were to assume his first head coaching position - at the collegiate or professional ranks - he owes Clemson nothing. That's the same provision offensive coordinator Chad Morris was promised after the 2011 season.

- By the way, in case you missed it, Morris still reportedly makes $1.3 million - though in his contract, he's supposed to receive some sort of bump for finishing in the top 10 in national offense, which I'm trying to find out if it's been assessed. Anyway, he's got four years left on his contract.

- All seven position coaches - including the wide receivers guide Scott, who as recruiting coordinator and a 34-year-old son of the program is probably a bit underpaid at $275,000 (second-lowest on staff) - were extended one year, through the 2015 season. If any or all are terminated, they're owed the remainder of their contracts.

- Allow me to conduct the math for you. If Clemson fired its entire arsenal of assistants after the 2014 season (unlikely, but still, humor me), the final bill would be $7,895,000 - and that's not including Swinney's buyout topping $20 million. (I'm just saying. Just in case. I covered Auburn in 2012. Moving along.)

- How about ending on a high note? Bonuses! These are fun. They apply all the same for Venables and the position coaches:

First, each coach earns $10,000 for appearing in the ACC Championship Game.

THEN, each coach earns the highest applicable bonus to follow (one per year):

$10,000 for 7 regular season wins and appearing in a bowl game outside the College Football Playoff

$20,000 for 8 or more regular season wins and appearing in a bowl game outside the College Football Playoff

$40,000 for appearing in a College Football Playoff game before the semifinal (this one's confusing. Does Radakovich know something we don't about immediate expansion to the playoff?)

$50,000 for appearing in a College Football Playoff semifinal

$60,000 for appearing in a College Football Playoff championship game

$85,000 for winning the College Football Playoff championship