I work out. I ride my bike to work, and usually afterward I go running or swimming. So I want to make sure I have enough calories. Tuesday's a really big day because I go to the track. I started with coffee, because if I have coffee after I eat, my stomach isn't happy. Then I had hot oat bran cereal with nondairy milk. I do my own non-dairy milk. I put millet and hemp seed and some fruited water in the blender. I also added dried fruit and almonds. I confess, I had some chocolate.

It's about 10 miles to work. If I have the wind on my side, it's great. I take a banana and some cashews for when I get to work. Sometimes I have dried fruit. It's kind of a lot, right?

For lunch, I go outside, because it's so beautiful. I like to have a big salad. I have a big glass Pyrex container, like seven cups. Yesterday I had some rice, quinoa, zucchini, carrots. I cannot put more rice and quinoa, because if I put more fiber, it can mess up my stomach. For the sauce, I put lemon, apple vinegar, nutritional yeast and fresh basil from the garden. I love it. I also put in some paprika and nasturtium.

Before track, I have what's left in my Tupperware: Some dates and cashews.

After track, I have a smoothie with kale, nondairy milk, strawberries and some banana.

Yesterday I wanted something easy for dinner, so I just had toasted bread with avocado. I've got a bread maker, but I was out of flour, so I tried Ezekiel bread. It's pretty good. I wanted something crunchy actually. I like my plates colorful and crunchy. So I cut up green peppers and cherry tomatoes and just took them with the bread. I like to eat with my hands.

Virginie Ternisien is a conservator at the Warren Lasch Conservation Center. She lives in Mount Pleasant.