What is it?

The Gellhorn is a signature cocktail featured by The Victor Social Club. Much of the club's bar menu is an homage to Ernest Hemingway. This particular libation features local produce from Ambrose Farms and Limehouse Produce. Fresh pressed raspberries, ginger and mint are muddled into a fine puree. This forms the substrate base for the creation of this cocktail. Vodka-based, it is topped off with Gruet Brut.

What's the story?

Holy City Hospitality restaurant group opened The Victor Social Club in March. The club reflects an era when "gentlemen only" social clubs proliferated; but in keeping with the 21st century, the bar is open to all.

Ernest Hemingway, a man who knew his way around a drink, is the inspiration for much of the club's modern cocktail program. The Gellhorn is named after Hemingway's third wife, Martha Gellhorn, an American novelist, journalist and travel writer, was considered to be one of the greatest war correspondents of the 20th century. Theirs was a brief union.

Who's buying it?

The Gellhorn has become one of the club's most popular cocktails. The staff suspects the healthy reputation of raspberries, ginger and mint go a long way in promoting the "benefits" of its ingredients. It makes a visual statement with its color and the fresh berry and mint leaf garnish add to its appeal.

Who's selling it?

The Victor Social Club at 39 F John St., 203-3001, holycityhospitality.com. Around town you will find Hemingway-inspired cocktails at Amen Street, The Belmont, The Gin Joint and The Islander.

What's the price?



"This is the best tasting drink I've had in years; I wish it came in a 32-ounce glass!" - Adam Schrimmer, Greenville