With the first possible tropical storm of the season churning up the East Coast it's a good time to go over where you can find reliable weather updates on social media.

We have a lot of trustworthy weather sources here in the Lowcountry, no surprise given our location, but we're lucky to have so many that are social media savvy.

A good place to start is the National Weather Service in Charleston. They're very active on social media. You can find them on Twitter at @NWSCharlestonSC and here on Facebook.

We're also big fans of @chswx, an account operated by Jared Smith that is meant to supplement, not compete, against the National Weather Service.

For your convenience, The Post and Courier has an always-running live weather blog on our site (no subscription necessary) that pulls in the tweets from those accounts in addition to the National Hurricane Center and accounts that tweet using the #chswx hashtag. You can also follow the live blog without having to leave Facebook.

The #chswx hashtag can be used by anyone and therefore could prove to be unreliable at times, yet it is a great place to post and view weather pics. The National Weather Service, @chswx and local media all track this hashtag. You can also send your weather pics to yourphotos@postandcourier.com if you want them included in our weather photo galleries.

You can also find most, if not all, of your favorite meteorologists on Twitter. Smith has created a Twitter list of these men and women that you can follow.

A rare look at the Harbor

Weekend Blitz, a travel site started by Charleston newlyweds Jeffrey and McCown Griffin, just posted a time-lapse video here that was recorded by the Griffins on June 27 at Charleston Harbor.

It's 15 hours of video in about two minutes, starting with puffy white clouds and cruise ships making U-turns and ending with a lightning storm. Check it out.

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