Nearly five months after a fire tore through Gilligan's, the Johns Island seafood restaurant is today again open for business.

"Hallalejuah," says area supervisor Tasha Eady. "We're so glad to be back."

Gilligan's retained 90 percent of its staff, but made significant changes to its décor during the closure. In addition to swapping the placement of the bar and dining room, the restaurant installed new ironwork and flat-screen TVs; constructed an outdoor seating area; suspended boats from the ceiling and set up seven aquariums, including one tank populated exclusively by local fish. Eady says the restaurant's working with a cast-netter to supply the shrimp, crawfish and other seafood which will call the tank home.

Since the restaurant had a major new menu rollout prior to the fire, the menu is largely unchanged, but Eady says the cocktail list and children's menu have been tweaked slightly.

The fire at 160 Main Rd. was reported in the early morning of Feb. 18. Initial estimates called for the restaurant to reopen after one month.

St. Andrew's Fire Department chief Ken Fischer says the cause of the fire is still under investigation.

To reach Gilligan's, call 766-2244.