Pet owners and animal lovers, heads up: There's a magazine launching this week that's right up your alley.

The new Charleston Animal Society publication, called Carolina Tails, will focus on pet ownership, safety and care, and the money raised will go toward the treatment of injured animals brought to the facility.

Charleston Animal Society CEO Joe Elmore said the quarterly magazine is a natural continuation of the 140-year-old organization's unwavering mission: to prevent cruelty to animals.

"The goal (of the magazine) is to help owners take better care of their pets, and help us raise money to take care of unwanted pets," he said.

And it won't just feature tips and information about dogs or cats.

"What we've seen is that there are arguably more cat owners than dog owners, and most places focus on dogs," Elmore said. "We're focusing on cats, dogs, horses, reptiles, birds."

Another objective of the publication is to be an active voice on animal issues.

"We are focused on all animals and what's in the best interest of all species," said Elmore. "There are times when controversial issues come up in the community, and we feel like we are the most credible source to help shape opinion because there is so much misconception."

Of 30,000 copies printed per issue, more than a third will be mailed to people who have supported the Charleston Animal Society. The rest will be distributed for free at various locations in the area, like pet stores, animal hospitals and high-traffic areas.

Elmore said money raised from advertisers will go toward Toby's Fund, which supports critically injured and sick animals that are brought to the Charleston Animal Society.

The idea of publishing a magazine was brought up a year or two ago, but Elmore said the organization felt like implementation was finally possible earlier this year.

"We are so overwhelmed with animals and work that there are so many projects on the back burner and we try to get them on the front burner as soon as we can," he said.