Charleston County

The transactions listed below include properties sold for $200,000 or more and recorded between June 2-6.


The Ryland Group Inc. sold 3832 Hanoverian Drive, Pepper Plantation to Heinz H. and Angela S. Dalbert for $349,683.


VFC Properties 10 LLC sold Unit H, 173 Rutledge Ave. to Three Roads LLC for $700,000.

Jarod Motley and Rebecca Manning sold Unit 706, 150 Bee St., Bee Street Lofts to Cynthia G. and Christina A. Martin for $282,000.

Christine Rougier-Chapman sold Unit 405, 67 Legare St. to Renelle L. Brame for $649,000.

Corinne LLC sold Unit 18, 3 Corinne St. to Mary Caroline Templeton and John B. Beauston for $505,000.

Sarah P. Pickens sold 10 Charlestowne Court to R. Brian Murrell and Robert O. Bowers for $488,000.

Yarrum II LLC sold 10 Darlington Ave. to Julie and Kevin F. Staveley-O'Carroll for $495,000.

David L. and Mary L. Wertz sold 10 King St. to Debra Ann Davison for $4.2 million.

Bruce D. and Denise D. Iannatuono sold 13 Gibbes St. to Charles Quentin Sweeting Jackson for $1.6 million.

William T. and Susan C. Fleming sold 16 Clifford St. to Scott M. and Kathleen T. Edwards for $625,000.

Mark K. and Helen H. Lazarus sold 177 Smith St. to Gerhart and Grace L. Keller for $560,000.

Augustus Oemler Jr. and Deborah G. Warren sold 20 Water St. to Alice B. Wyatt for $1.3 million.

Claire F. and Clayton L. Harleston Jr. sold 273 Grove St. to Andrew B. Childers and Bethany A. Maeyer for $318,737.

O. Reagan Rowe Jr. sold 29 Wentworth St. to John A. and Kathleen J. Templer for $895,000.

Parker C. Wilson sold 3 Aston Place, Harleston Green to Jeffrey M. Selchick for $467,500.

Donald R. Smith and Rick Schneider sold 4 Unity Alley to Stephanie D. and Lowell D. Kirkman for $1.8 million.

Matthew J. Severance and Elizabeth A. Phillips Severance sold 54 Legare St. to David L. and Mary L. Wertz for $2.3 million.

Teresa E.H. Garton sold 62 Barre St. to Trevor and Marisa Scott for $412,000.

Alison E. Hale sold 67 Rutledge Ave. to Aaron P. and Diem-Thu T. Lesher for $1.3 million.

Victoria A. Dahl and Linda G. Rhodes sold 7 Cordes St. to GSouth Properties LLC for $1.4 million.

70 Radcliffe LLC sold 70 Radcliffe St. to Vanderking 70 LLC for $975,000.

Stephen P. Young sold 72 Bogard St. to Samuel B. Cook for $360,000.

Robert D. and Linda McMahon sold 82 Tradd St. to William P. Copenhaver II and Erin M. Copenhaver for $1.1 million.

Elizabeth Rusinko Blackburn sold 905 Ashley Ave., Riverside Park to Timothy M. and Marissa H.C. Zwerner for $374,000.

Dewees Island

Cimarron/Dewees Island LLC sold 133 Dewees Inlet Drive to Inlet Dock LLC for $400,000.

Folly Beach

Iva Roberta Weingarten sold Unit 302, 117 East Arctic Ave., Seaside Villas to John F. and Linda J. Girard for $483,000.

Nancy G. Union and Robert H. Guy sold 703 West Ashley Ave. to George P. Stamatiades Jr. and Sara L. Stamatiades for $950,000.

Scott F. Penzarella sold 1660 East Ashley Ave. to Aaron H. and Kimberly T. Alexander for $530,000.

Isle of Palms

Randolph C. and Donna K. Scalf sold Unit F, 204 Palmetto Drive, Port O'Call to Harry J. and Lody L. Leighton for $375,000.

Lawrence P. and Susan F. Girard sold 307 Yacht Harbor Court, Yacht Harbor Villas to Mary E. Lagares and Linda J. Godfrey for $342,500.

Robert C. and Joan C. Wheeler sold Unit 122, 1300 Ocean Blvd., Sea Cabin on the Ocean to Walter J. Settimio for $210,000.

Elizabeth G. Wolf sold 11 22nd Ave. to Michael L. and Laura M. Knotts for $525,000.

Sea Oats Properties LLC sold 13 Grand Pavilion Blvd., Wild Dunes to Roger and Lisa Sherrard for $1.7 million.

Thomas L. and Linda F. Overcash sold 2 Shad Row to Barbara B. and Meritt E. McKnight for $607,500.

Benjamin D. Shirley sold 207 Carolina Blvd. to Thomas F. and Linda C. Bernatavitz for $935,000.

Patricia Wynne Kinney sold 38 Back Court, Racquet Club Villas to Sterling Pursuits LLC for $400,000.

James Island

James H. and Michelle G. Lundy sold Unit 721, 1025 Riverland Woods Place, The Retreat at Riverland to William M. Milligan III for and Linda H. Milligan for $222,500.

Charles V. and Annette W. Holbrook sold Unit 621, 1025 Riverland Woods Place, The Retreat at Riverland to David and Tracey G. Palmieri for $208,000.

David J. Richardson sold Unit 103, 147 Wappoo Creek Drive, Wappoo Centre to K4E Co. Inc. for $285,000.

Ben M. and Dora R. Gafford sold 1197 Valley Forge Drive, Whitehouse Plantation to Cesar Ivan Hernandez and Acacani Fonseca for $218,000.

Deborah Y. Larsen sold 1521 Ocean Neighbors Blvd., Ocean Neighbors to Martha S. Gray for $285,000.

Gary R. and Linda B. Webster sold 1525 Hunley Ave. to James T. and Lauren E. Reed for $483,500.

Elliott A. and Victoria S. Constantine sold 156 Grimball Ave., Riverland Terrace to JBT Southern Rentals LLC for $345,000.

Brian and Stephanie Hover sold 1637 Tatum St., Dogwood Park to Matthew Dlugolecki and Jaclyn Roether for $360,000.

Floyd E. Jernigan sold 1902 Houghton Drive, Marlborough to Robert and Linda McMahon for $400,000.

Hal R. and Jean M. Howard sold 2210 Terrabrook Lane, Terrabrook to Diana A. Deaver and Jonathan P. Sears for $315,000.

Sonia N. and Sujeev S. Bains sold 3003 Allison Cove Drive, Lawton Harbor to SMS-Crafts House LLC for $320,000.

DR Horton Inc. sold 538 Rainsong Drive, Island Shores to Charles M. and Maryann T. Rickard for $564,645.

Matthew K. Russell sold 668 Port Circle, Lighthouse Point to Bruno A. Sutter for $222,500.

Ellen and Marcus Baldino sold 716 Lawton Harbor Drive, Lawton Harbor to Rachel Forbes-Harvin for $330,000.

William T. and Carole C. McCrary sold 730 Collette Drive, Clear View to John R. Rodgers Jr. and Terri H. Rodgers for $354,000.

John E. Thompson III and Heather A. Thompson sold 831 Parrot Creek Way, Parrot Creek to Wesley B. and Lori L. Delancey for $413,000.

Johns Island

CAM Management LLC sold 2855 Moonbeam Drive, Swygerts Landing to Eastwood Construction LLC for $243,750.

Patrick and Sarah-Anne Johnston sold 1299 Segar St., Swygerts Landing to Alexandra Rose Carroll for $314,000.

David and Courtney Tart sold 1493 Palmcrest Drive, The Pointe at Headquarters Island Plantation to Walter and Louise C. Palmer for $490,000.

The Ryland Group Inc. sold 1621 Valley Oak Road, The Gardens at Whitney Lake to Stephanie M. Henning Chismar for $235,000.

The Ryland Group Inc. sold 1641 Sparkleberry Lane, The Gardens at Whitney Lake to Stephen N. and Jean H. Buffington for $247,091.

Cameron B. Slappe sold 1716 Bee Balm Road, St. Johns Crossing to Shannon N. Cohan for $229,900.

Richard Warner Lee sold 2771 Summertrees Blvd., Summertrees to Kenneth E. Jiles III and Dana B. Jiles for $224,000.

David and Susan P. Humphreys sold 2894 Edenvale Road, Auld Reekie to Cain Douglas Markosky for $271,000.

Anthony F. Stockman Jr. and Kasi J. Farnsworth sold 3502 Gatetree Road, Winnsboro Lakes to Jeff Howe for $223,000.

Six Palms Construction Inc. sold 4066 Beckett Road, Mary Ann Point to Douglas R. and Regina E. Griffith for $449,000.

Cathy B. Sineath sold 5253 Chisolm Road, Ravens Point Plantation to Debora Lee Waszut for $250,000.

Hope Plantation Condominiums LLC sold 7113 Indigo Palms Way, Indigo Hall at Hope Plantation to Ryan D. and Leslie A. Smith for $238,000.

Kiawah Island

Kiawah Home Development LLC sold 289 Pine Barren Lane, The Garden Cottages at Cassique to James Heekin for $650,000.

Kiawah Development Partners LLC sold 5 Lemoyne Lane, Cassique to Jorge and Lisa S. Milo for $1.3 million.

Robert M. and Mary L. Flanagan sold 241 Beauty Berry Court, The Garden Cottages at Cassique to Michael J. and Meredith G. Rotko for $2.5 million.

Brad and Marjorie M. Luckhart sold 4107 Summer Duck Way, Night Heron to Timothy and Lisa Broadbent for $504,000.

William S. Bossert and Michele A. Bazinet-Bossert sold 1021 Scaup Court, Sparrow Pond Cottages to Richard K. and Traci D. Westbrook for $530,000.

Patrick M. and Sarah A. Dyson sold 144 Blue Heron Pond Road, The Preserve to Michael A. and Regina O. Sommer for $500,000.

Thomas G. and Carol A. Casto sold 89 Surfscoter Lane, Middlewoods West to Julio A. Piazza and Cheryl L. Kienzle for $1,050,000.

Mount Pleasant/ East Cooper

Andrea L. Volpe sold Unit 504, 164 North Plaza Court, Renaissance on Charleston Harbor to Richard G. and Shirley A. Chinn for $953,000.

Dina J. Errico sold 300 Kinloss Country Lane, The Retreat at Charleston National to Ross and Elizabeth Armstrong for $359,900.

Ryan M. and Kelly A. Krischer sold Unit 2801, 2469 Kings Gate Lane, The Heritage to Scott R. and Elizabeth R. Shipman for $225,000.

John G. and Rhoda Q. Sterling sold Unit B, 1706 Ventura Place, Ventura Villas to Patrick M. Carroll for $247,500.

Mary Elizabeth Manucy sold 1001 South Shem Drive, Shemwood to Shannon D. Marchell and Robert F. Daly for $360,000.

Dobson Homes LLC sold 1142 Wexford Park, Wexford Park to Kathryn Alexander Stover for $365,000.

James R. Jordan III and Amy C. Jordan sold 1175 West Park View Place, The Preserve at Brickyard Plantation to Arthur L. Livermore IV and Miranda D. Livermore for $398,000.

Kristina M. Portenier sold 1187 Waterfront Drive, Hidden Lakes to Robert F. and Linda D. Townsend for $720,000.

Lillian Murray sold 120 Rose Lane to Corey and Veronica Barber for $230,000.

Michelle Downing Haynes sold 1255 Sareda Circle to Stephanie S. Medlock for $350,000.

Fred O. and Chenique L. Grant sold 1294 Center Lake Drive, Center Lake Community of Hidden Lakes to Mary Mickiewicz for $340,000.

Beazer Homes Corp. sold 1329 Merchant Court, The Enclave at Gregorie Ferry to Tamara L. Nierduffy for $326,130.

Beazer Homes Corp. sold 1337 Merchant Court, The Enclave at Gregorie Ferry to Kevin A. Braun and Christina A. Kirchner for $253,165.

Timothy R. and Mari A. Smith sold 1359 Black River Road, Horlbeck Creek to Jason Loup and Corrie Musgrave for $425,000.

JW Homes LLC sold 1413 Gangway Cut, The Harbour to Michael and Sarah Schwartz for $582,112.

Joseph P. and Danielle M. Walker sold 1418 School House Road, Oakhaven Plantation to Elizabeth Teal Van Saun for $306,000.

Jeannette R. Krebs sold 1420 Shell Fish Court, The Sound at Hamlin Plantation to Mahmood and Lorraine A. Samii for $514,500.

Christopher L. and Angela E. Klick sold 1437 Lettered Olive Lane, Watermark to H. Elizabeth and Matthew P. Blackburn for $623,000.

Carolina Cottage Homes LLC sold 1445 Gunnison St., Palmetto Forest at Carolina Park to Erasmo X. and Valerie M. Diaz for $554,900.

FD Communities LLC sold 1451 Blue Cascade Drive, Watermark to Chad and Calleen Lavinghousez for $524,900.

Carolina Cottage Homes LLC sold 1482 Crane Creek Drive, Egrets Walk at Carolina Park to Gregory A. and Renee D. Cote for $515,445.

Kathryn Dodd Gallagher sold 1548 Appling Way, Shellpoint to Holly H. Blair for $487,000.

Carolina Park Development LLC sold 1554 Lindsey Creek Drive, Carolina Park to Structures Building Co. LLC for $250,000.

Weekley Homes LLC sold 1559 Watoga Way, Carolina Park to Sheryl L. Gigliotti for $468,856.

Timo J. Siebert sold 1586 Hidden Bridge Drive, Coopers Landing to Joseph Utley and Susanne Psaras for $268,000.

Katherine T. and Manning V. Frankstone sold 1651 Marsh Harbor Lane, Tolers Cove to John H. Disher III for $660,000.

Carolina Cottage Homes LLC sold 1676 Paradise Lake Drive, Watermark to Mark K. and Joanne T. Zuraw for $616,848.

JW Homes LLC sold 2024 Amenity Park Drive, One Hamlin Place to Nathan C. and Helen B. Frederick for $493,000.

Dickey Bryan Preacher sold 218 5th St. to Travis G. and Katie K. McLeod for $256,000.

Charles D. and Lisa M. Smith sold 2184 Old Jay Lane, Woodlands of Dunes West to Cynthia N. and Gary D. Lankford for $660,000.

JW Homes LLC sold 2473 Kings Gate Lane, The Heritage at Dunes West to William J. and Karen A. Gagliardo for $325,023.

James Brian Duncan sold 2603 Rivertowne Parkway to Susan R. Taylor for $347,500.

Keith E. and Teresa D. Emery sold 2706 Seastrand Lane, The Colonnade at Brickyard Plantation to Prime Properties of Charleston LLC for $215,867.

Ronald G. Sykora Jr. sold 2774 Parkers Landing Road, Parkers Landing at Rivertowne Country Club to Sergio Riberio and Jennifer L. Noto for $532,500.

Abigail P. and Christopher A. West sold 2778 Victoria Lake Drive, The Hamptons at Brickyard Plantation to Charles G. and Ashley B. Feher for $397,000.

JW Homes LLC sold 2797 River Vista Way, The Harbour to Sybil C. Hill for $490,000.

John D. Durst Jr. and Wendy L. Durst. sold 2945 Thornrose Lane, Thornwood to Johanna G. Palmadottir and Thorsten I. Magnusson for $387,900.

Ronald A. and Teresa S. Partilla sold 3100 Sonja Way, Marsh Walk at Park West to Christian R. and Mary A. Cummings for $420,000.

John J. Stevens III and Frances O. Stevens sold 3161 Morningdale Drive, Ivy Hall to Sarah Rand Mendlovitz for $230,000.

Anna E. Martin sold 320 Lapwing Lane, Sandpiper Point to J. Britt and John R. McCarty for $245,000.

J. Miles and M. Denyse Barkley sold 329 Seewee Circle, Hobcaw Point to Michael and Julie Scarafile for $845,000.

Michael B. and Diane L. Herrold sold 3429 Oxfordshire Lane, Westchester at Charleston National to John and Nancy Mesenbourg for $329,000.

Herbert H. Weldon Jr. and Joan C. Weldon sold 3668 Bagley Drive, The Preston at Park West to John F. and Barbara A. Muirhead for $325,000.

Vanderhorst 3672 LLC sold 3672 Colonel Vanderhorst Circle, Dunes West to Edwin E. and June R. Salvesen for $645,000.

Carolina Cottage Homes LLC sold 3762 Sisseton Lane, Palmetto Forest at Carolina Park to Melissa Anais Gamage for $605,000.

DF Development Company LLC sold 405 Rose Wilder Lane, Earl's Court to Joanna M. Millis for $449,500.

David K. Wright sold 47 Krier Lane, I'On to Grace Reynolds LLC for $1.2 million.

Teresa B. Morris sold 541 Hidden Blvd., Hidden Cove to David Snyder for $399,000.

James H. Ihrke sold 55 Montrose Road, I'On to Herbert L. and Gayle S. White for $872,700.

Benjamin E. and Avery W. Smith sold 59 Hopetown Road, I'On to Barbara Van Beyrer for $820,000.

Sarah P. Ambler sold 61 Ponsbury Road, I'On to Denise D. Iannatuono for $710,000.

Ronald J. and Dorothea E. Anders sold 623 Fishermans Bend, Hidden Cove to Michael D. and Belinda Y. Smallwood for $340,000.

Suzanne W. Chesnut sold 70 Sanibel St., I'On to James Edward Redmond and Ginger Lea Howard for $625,000.

Peter M. and Karen B. Quick sold 713 Royall Ave. to Rhonin LLC for $950,000.

Barbara Reynolds Parker Branch sold 864 Fountain Lane, Lake Hunter Commons to Kelsey Bush-Nadeau for $347,500.

Thomas B. Strickland sold 873 Tupelo Bay Drive, Hibben at Belle Hall Plantation to Richard T. and Margarita A. Wilkes for $607,000.

North Charleston

Suzanne M. and Johnny Thigpen sold 1043 Montague Ave. to Elnsteve LLC for $767,000.

3357 Business Circle LLC sold 3357 Business Circle to J2C2 LLC for $407,051.

DNCNDG LLC sold 4403 S. Rhett Ave., to Jeremy John Nittle and Michelle D. Denapoli for $232,500.

Fannie Mae sold 5042 Lambs Road to Joan Stephens Brantley for $274,000.

Seabrook Island

Margaret Mary Chiara sold 2901 Capn Sams Road to Walter R. and Deborah S. Leonard for $450,000.

Daniel and Deborah K. Hebel sold 2952 Deer Point Drive to John W. and Pamela M. Gerstmayr for $1.1 million.

David E. and Sheila K. Jones sold 3003 Hidden Oak Drive, Hidden Oaks to Edward J. and Kathleen A. Galto for $600,000.

Neil Hamilton Parnes sold 4056 Bridle Trail Drive, The Village at Seabrook to Glenn A. and Amy E. Fehribach for $380,000.

Larry V. and Kim V. Hughes sold 2614 Seabrook Island Road to Richard C. and Sandra E. Goheen for $515,000.

Jo Anne Crowley Makely sold 2944 Baywood Drive to David W. and Diane L. Boone for $552,500.


The Pines Building Group LLC sold 138 Brutus Lane, The Pines at Gahagan to Clifford M. Laney Jr. and Sharon B. Laney for $304,000.

West Ashley/ St. Andrews

Charles M. and Juliett B. Collins sold 1108 Quick Rabbit Loop, Hunt Club to Robert M. Hutzler III and Paige M. Hutzler for $325,000.

Catalyst Builders Inc. sold 1510 Morgan Campbell Court, Fairfield Pines to Rachel Kelly Bishop for $215,611.

Angela Dawson Bradford sold 17 Roslyn Drive, Mayfair at Shadowmoss Plantation to Paul L. and Debby C. Rohlinger for $225,000.

Jeanne W. Raymond and Judy C. Warren sold 1704 Vassar Drive, Northbridge Terrace to Julia R. and Graham Wimberly for $276,000.

Palmetto Home Investments LLC sold 1780 Banbury Road, Forest Lakes to James D. Jenkins Jr. and Kathleen M. Jenkins for $215,000.

Su Thi Nguyen sold 1884 Bairds Cove, Providence Common to Lenora Ann Cordray Austin for $245,000.

Centex Homes sold 1902 Royal Empress Court, Creekside at Carolina Bay to Michael T. Reski and Rachel J. Swinnea for $257,515.

Brian B. Johnson sold 1962 Essex Farms Drive, Essex Farms of Carolina Bay to Patrick J. and Tiffany A. Jonas for $440,000.

Centex Homes sold 2119 Gammon St., Creekside at Carolina Bay to Anthony B. Mitchell II for $248,065.

Patrick J. and Tiffany A. Jonas sold 2322 Eagle Creek Drive, Essex Farms of Carolina Bay to Robert E. Baker Jr. and Kimberly K. Baker for $369,000.

Centex Homes sold 2603 Rutherford Way, Essex Farms of Carolina Bay to Khary R. Frazier for $337,340.

Caitlin L. and Benjamin A. Grewe sold 3014 Dolphin Watch Drive, Bolton's Landing to Lisa M. Valle for $244,900.

Charles H. and Kristen D. Maynard sold 3027 Dolphin Watch Drive, Bolton's Landing to Andre Toro and Corey Leutbecker for $260,000.

Raymond K. and Sarah L. Allen sold 33 Stocker Drive, Windermere to Anne W. and Lanier B. Jackson for $528,000.

Harvey W. and Christine S. All sold 341 Hollywood Drive, Parkwood Estates to Andrea B.E. and Mackenzie Wilson for $287,000.

John S. and Toni L. Halstead sold 3411 Pawtucket St., River Oaks to Neil M. and Ruth K. Gittins for $223,000.

Lindsay M. and Travis R. Seibert sold 382 Arlington Drive, Stonecreek to Luis Enrique Liogier-Weyback for $212,500.

Elizabeth Sheldon Kramer sold 4 Sothel Ave., Byrnes Down to Stephen R. and Kristen L. Blackmon for $352,000.

Felicia C. Shealor sold 406 Hoff Ave., Rotherwood Estates to Margaret and James W. Stoddard-Emmans for $217,000.

Berkeley County

The transactions listed below include properties sold for $200,000 or more and recorded between May 19-20.


Eastwood Construction LLC sold 489 Sanders Farm Lane, Retreat at Beresford to Gregory W. and Donna M. Libert for $349,990.

Eastwood Construction LLC sold 521 Sanders Farm Lane, Retreat at Beresford to John A. and Staci H. Bailey for $396,850.

Daniel Island

Jeffrey C. Nichols and Mary Catherine Petty Nichols sold 1874 Pierce St., Daniel Island Townhouses to Michele R. Morgan for $379,000.

Weekley Homes LLC sold 1525 Willtown St., Old Landing at Smythe Park to Michael B. and Lori Ellen McCall for $510,864.

Goose Creek

Dan Ryan Builders South Carolina LLC sold 132 Marinella Drive, Montague Plantation to Melanie McKinney and Dwayne Watson for $206,910.

Terry D. Weaver sold 107 Preston Court, Bedford Chase to Jason M. and Erin L. Phalen for $220,000.


Hillarie R. Stecker sold 7465 Painted Bunting Way, Tanner Plantation to Lyndsey Ann and Nicholas Palumbo for $203,000.

The Ryland Group Inc. sold 1953 Wild Indigo Way, Tanner Plantation to Steven and Ashley M. Dix for $328,908.

Moncks Corner

Dan Ryan Builders South Carolina LLC sold 172 Waccamaw Circle, Foxbank Plantation to Lawrence J. and Carol R. Gagain for $264,900.

Douglas Bruce and Louise S. Funderburke sold 1701 Cooper Store Road to Fred Russell and Peggy A. Humphries for $274,000.

Mungo Homes Coastal Division LLC sold 430 Allamby Ridge Road, Barony at Spring Grove Plantation to Delvin and Tomeka Sparrow for $280,589.

Weekley Homes LLC sold 560 Crossland Drive, Foxbank to Valentino N. Fazi and Jamie L. Townsend for $233,000.


Twyla D. Martin sold 4723 State Road to Joel D. and Melissa R. Crisp for $235,000.


Pulte Home Corp. sold 203 Waterfront Park Drive, Cane Bay to Donald C. and Crystal K. Caskie for $204,065.

Centex Homes sold 267 Decatur Drive, Cane Bay to Tyler W. and Jesse N. Derosier for $202,315.

Dorchester County

The transactions listed below include properties sold for $200,000 or more and recorded between May 19-20.


Jeffrey K. and Chacie A. Silva sold 9630 Roseberry St., McKewn Plantation to Dirk P. and Inge Marie Tudor for $235,000.

North Charleston

Ashley Lyn and Cynthia Lynn Clauson Slappy sold 8823 East Fairway Woods Drive, Coosaw Creek Country Club to Marion R. and Roschelle Green for $338,000.

Bank of Walterboro sold 3759 Ashley Phosphate Road to Lloyd W. Shifflett for $550,000.

Harris Street LLC sold 8517 Sentry Circle, Indigo Palms to Keith S. Mendenhall for $241,113.

Vaughn Homes Inc. sold 4144 Club Course Drive, Coosaw Creek Country Club to Michael C. and Dianne M. Gallagher for $364,063.


Bridlewood Farms LLC sold 3006 Gulfstream Lane, Bridlewood Farms to Boris D. and Lucy M. Rollins for $233,145.


Dan Ryan Builders South Carolina LLC sold 6003 Scarlet Court, River Birch to Kevin C. Robinson and Kayla Godson for $285,820.

DR Horton Inc. sold 156 Silver Cypress Circle, Legend Oaks Plantation to Henry P. and Jeanne V. Zimmerman for $309,000.

DR Horton Inc. sold 112 Amen Corner, Linkside Village to Michael R. and Michelle E. Zokie for $325,000.

DR Horton Inc. sold 213 Ribbon Road, The Ponds to Valerie L. and James C. Hare for $360,195.

DR Horton Inc. sold 116 Amen Corner, Linkside Village to William L. and Susan M. Bosley for $310,900.

Eric Finkelstein sold 5107 Ballantine Drive, Woodlands at Wescott to Srinivas Nallapati and Bhagya Lakshmi Salur for $205,000.

Eric R. and Lois M. Tallman sold 122 Hazeltine Bend, Linkside Village to Margaret J. Hergatt for $218,000.

Marsha Lala sold 110 Danielle Lane, Hillside Farms to Renick A. and Joni Joi Carney for $292,500.

Mykle E. and Christine E. Stahl sold 179 Bateaux Drive, The Ponds to Brandon Boyd and Emily Strasler for $259,000.

Redus SC Coastal LLC sold 110 Amaryllis Ave., White Gables to Richard D. and Sandra L. Hayner for $236,773.

Nathan P. and Jessica S. Hobbs sold 133 Salt Meadow Lane, Blackberry Creek to Hugh M. Smith for $207,970.

Robert L. Williams sold 9677 Pebble Creek Blvd., Oak Forest Village at Wescott to John P. and Christen L. Horton for $267,000.

Shari L. Capozzi sold 223 Silverwood Lane, Legend Oaks Plantation to Tron R. and Erica M. Malachowski for $255,000.