Mention dressing up Charleston International Airport with new art ideas, and it's almost as if everyone with an easel suddenly perks up.

Former S.C. first lady Jenny Sanford, who is heading up the airport art committee, and Paul Campbell, director of the county's airports, probably have gotten enough interest from people who want to place their creations in the soon-to-be-refurbished terminal to fill a museum.

Some people have even called wanting to be consultants, said airport spokeswoman Becky Beaman.

Asked how many people have contacted him about placing their art in the terminal once the $200 million renovation project is completed in September 2015, Campbell said, "A ton. Everybody wants to put their art in the airport. A lot of people want to sell us art, too."

Sanford said she, too, is receiving requests from people to place their art in the revamped space next year.

"We've had a good deal of response," she said.

For now, she's jotting down the names of those interested, and the Charleston County Aviation Authority, which owns and operates the airport, is making a list as well.

But that's about as far as the art effort can go for now.

Before anything can be decided about what art goes where in the airport, Sanford said, her committee must develop a policy for procuring artistic pieces, deciding what to do with artwork already in the Aviation Authority's possession, and disposing of art if it's damaged or no longer desired.

"Then we will have a better sense of what kind of art we are looking for and, once we decide, we will request people to come back in," she said.

Sanford's even had two people volunteer to see what other airports have done, and she's accepted their offers. One idea, she said, was to use quotes from the Lowcountry.

"We have such great authors, and it would complement anything we do," Sanford said. "We could do things like that without a lot of expense."

Also, historic scenes could educate people arriving in Charleston and give them a sense of the Lowcountry, she said.

No further meetings are scheduled, and the art committee has about 15 months before any visual elements spring from the airport's walls. It plans to notify the public know when it's ready to move forward.

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