A June 15 letter writer talked about the need for Congress to take action on the issue of immigration.

I'm not quite sure what side of the issue the letter writer is on but we have a president who doesn't enforce our current immigration law that was passed in 1986.

The compromise in that law was that we would get a secure border if we gave amnesty to a large number of illegal immigrants, and how is that working out?

If Congress passes a new comprehensive immigration law, expect the president to do what he is doing with the Affordable Care Act, he will implement the parts of the law he likes, delay the parts of the law that he finds politically inconvenient and give waivers to groups who support him.

If you believe the president will fully implement any comprehensive immigration bill, I have a London bridge to sell you.

A group with no voice in this matter is the children of U.S. citizens who are following current immigration laws, but have to wait their turn in line back in their home countries.

I have proudly and legally lived in South Carolina since 1993, becoming a naturalized U.S. citizen in 2007, so I feel qualified to speak on this topic.

I filed an I-130 to sponsor my daughter back in late 2010. We filled out the paperwork and paid the fee. We were quite shocked to find out that she would have to wait up to six years for her chance at living the American Dream. We found out that only a limited number of visas are made available each year for the children of U.S. citizens.

I have submitted paperwork for my son to move here also. Both of my children have college degrees. Both would be valuable additions to this country.

The proposed immigration bill allows illegal immigrants to live and work here in the USA, while waiting the 10 years for their visa. So how is that fair?

Guidance document M-555, which was updated January 2013, states that applicants who have an I-130 file on their behalf must wait outside the country.

So the important thing for people to realize is not how long illegal immigrants have to wait, or where they are in the line for legal status, it's where they get to wait.

If you want to make it fair, illegal immigrants should be required to return to their home countries to wait their 10 years.

It's a tough debate on whether we do or do not need a guest worker program, when we have a record number of our own citizens who are out of work.

But if an immigration bill does include a guest worker programs, I do not believe that it should reward people who have intentionally broken our laws with U.S. citizenship.

Paul Jinks

Omni Boulevard

Mount Pleasant